“Loved all of the analogies - really helped me to visualize in my head what is going on in my camera.“
— Sarah Momary / DSLR Evening Classes / January, 2014
“My only complaint is that I wish I would have taken the workshop sooner.“
— Kathy Laird / Beginner DSLR / May, 2012
“I wish I would have taken this class two years ago. It's the best overview with hands-on work to make it all come together“
— Mary Henry / Beginner DSLR / January, 2015
“Honestly, this workshop was fantastic. I learned so much and can't wait to use everything you taught me.“
— Emma Dargan / Beginner DSLR / September, 2014
“Patrizia was great, honest, knew her stuff and looking at other people's pictures was exceptionally helpful.“
— Amanda Robinson / Natural Light Portraits / May, 2015
“I am no longer intimidated by the software.“
— Neal Cerpanya / Lightroom Evening Classes / May, 2015
“Very thorough without being overwhelming for a complete beginner like myself. I loved the different analogies and other techniques used to explain the inner workings of cameras.“
— Mike Southall / DSLR Evening Classes / March, 2015
“Teacher speaks like he enjoys shooting pictures and explains the concepts on a level that a beginner can easily understand.“
— Cheryl Angadicheril / DSLR Evening Classes / May, 2010
“Excellent value as compared to other photography classes offered in DFW!“
— Laura Gruenau / DSLR Evening Classes / January, 2015

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A truly unique filmstyle photography workshop focused on creating compelling documentary and street images.
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  • Sat. Oct 29, 2016
  • 3-day workshop
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    Learn to process your own black and white film, make contact sheets and work with an enlarger. Using chemistry and light you'll create unique prints, completely hand made by you.
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    Class series • Full-day workshop
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    Watch a selected documentary about photography and stay for an after-movie discussion.
    A Single Frame
  • Thu. Nov 3, 2016
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    Join us for a series of photography lectures brought to you by DCP, Texas Photographic Society and Frame Destination.
    Mary Virginia Swanson
  • Fri. Nov 11, 2016
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