“I am very thankful this place exists! Offering in person, hands on learning at an affordable price is not common and I feel lucky to be close enough to attend.“
— Jill Curtis / Natural Light Portraits / May, 2015
“The bit about how ISO, shutter speed and aperture are related and how to calculate a "stop" were light bulb moments for me.“
— Taylor Green / Beginner DSLR / March, 2017
“I learned not to be so focused on getting postcard shots.“
— Michelle Peters / Travel Photography / April, 2012
“I enjoyed the live model shoot. It took me out of my comfort zone and now I feel more confident about shooting live subjects.“
— Mark / Beginner DSLR / October, 2018
“Peter is the consummate professional, but more importantly to me I have found him to be creatively encouraging. I am much bolder now and more confident in my choices and believe he has been instrumental in this.“
— J.Pritchard / Private Tutoring / June, 2011
“We have missed the camera shows dearly. They were, at the least, a place for the likeminded to gather and at the best, a place to find something you really needed. “
— JB & Susan Harlin / Photo Swap Meet: Buy, Sell, Trade, Gawk / April, 2015
“Love this course! Took Beginner Workshop last month and I have retained all the info! Techie stuff for a non-techie girl.“
— Erin Cox / Intermediate DSLR / March, 2015
“The instructor broke things down several ways so that all could understand. I never once got bored or lost interest. Really happy I took this class.“
— Niki Fischer / DSLR Evening Classes / March, 2016
“So much helpful information. My expectations for this class were exceeded! Since I started taking these awesome classes I've noticed such a huge difference in my pictures.“
— Liliana Hernandez / DSLR Evening Classes / October, 2015

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This two-day intensive will explore what light can do and how to control it to make better pictures.
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    Through instruction, practice and review, you'll expand your technical skills and explore the storytelling capabilities of that excellent little camera you always have at hand.
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    This introduction takes you on a tour of the major tools and gets you ready for the Intermediate series. After just a couple of classes you'll be getting real work done.
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