“Can’t wait to go out and practice what I learned today.“
— Terri Lamendell / Beginner DSLR / August, 2011
“Presentation is outstanding. Builds your knowledge in a logical, step-by-step process.“
— Billy Koone / Beginner DSLR / August, 2011
“I feel like this is the first step to a new world for me. I have a 10-month old that I’m wanting to take gorgeous photos of that I will treasure forever.“
— Kristina Moore / DSLR Evening Classes / August, 2014
“This class series really gave me some great new ideas and tips on how to maximize my productivity.“
— Jeff Stager / Lightroom Evening Classes / February, 2013
“Incorporates all the different types of learning: seeing, hearing and doing.“
— anonymous / DSLR Evening Classes / August, 2014
“I am very thankful this place exists! Offering in person, hands on learning at an affordable price is not common and I feel lucky to be close enough to attend“
— Jill Curtis / Natural Light Portraits / May, 2015
“I’ve taken another beginner DSLR class and this was far superior.“
— Alyson Brown / Beginner DSLR / December, 2011
“Hands on shooting and real-time instruction was invaluable. It’s easier to learn when someone can walk you through your difficulties.“
— Cindy Shughrue / Natural Light Portraits / December, 2011
“I liked the balance between learning and actual hands on shooting. I thought the material covered was detailed but not too overwhelming. Also good class size.“
— Kimberly Crews / Beginner DSLR / April, 2015

Featured Classes

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In a full day of hands-on photo fun, you will learn the basics of your DSLR or mirrorless camera. You'll get to practice your new skills with a live shoot and edit session. For ages 12-18.
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  • Sun. Nov 4, 2018
  • Full-day workshop
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    Create beautiful handmade prints of any image using one of the oldest photographic processes!
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  • Sun. Jan 20, 2019
  • Day class
    All Levels
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    Learn to create glass negatives, tintypes and ambrotypes in this hands-on workshop brought to you by the Penumbra Foundation.
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  • Sat. Jan 26, 2019
  • 2-day workshop
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    Watch a selected documentary about photography and stay for an after-movie discussion.
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