“Excellent value as compared to other photography classes offered in DFW!“
— Laura Gruenau / DSLR Evening Classes / January, 2015
“Instructor is very aware of the class at all times, noticing when we get it and when we don’t, and adding another example when necessary.“
— Kate Lynch / Beginner DSLR / January, 2010
“I have been a dangerous photographer for a couple of years. This class has helped so much to connect a lot of dots!!“
— Jay Lederman / DSLR Evening Classes / May, 2018
“Love this course! Took Beginner Workshop last month and I have retained all the info! Techie stuff for a non-techie girl.“
— Erin Cox / Intermediate DSLR / March, 2015
“I felt as though I got my money's worth in the first two hours.“
— Holly Lynch / Beginner DSLR / April, 2015
“I really appreciate Peter's teaching style - drawings, explanations, demonstrations. It's science and art.“
— Jennifer Jackson / Intermediate DSLR / May, 2017
“Dear Sam, many thanks for helping me see the world differently!“
— Amit Kelkar / "It's The Journey" with Sam Abell / April, 2016
“Opportunity for discussion, Q and A, trial and error, and experimentation. It's what makes workshops more valuable that books and online courses.“
— Sam Hodde / Tabletop Product Photography / July, 2017
“I am no longer afraid to shoot in AV, TV, P or M modes. I also have some ideas about what to do if a photo doesn't turn out like I wanted it to.“
— Amy Parker / DSLR Evening Classes / January, 2015

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Through instruction, practice and review, you'll expand your technical skills and explore the storytelling capabilities of that excellent little camera you always have at hand.
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    Create beautiful handmade prints of any image using one of the oldest photographic processes!
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    Learn to create glass negatives, tintypes and ambrotypes in this hands-on workshop brought to you by the Penumbra Foundation.
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    Learn to capture the fine details and true colors of your flat artwork.
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