“I finally know what all of the buttons on my camera mean!“
— Megan Thomsen / Beginner DSLR / May, 2018
“Your class was AWESOME. I've learned more today than what online reading or videos could teach. Thank you.“
— Patrick Lopez / Beginner DSLR / April, 2014
“I liked everything! I actually understand f-stop and shutter speed.“
— Holly Pennington / DSLR Evening Classes / October, 2013
“I am left amazed with what I have learned today. Amazed and excited!“
— Janice Caldwell / Beginner DSLR / December, 2011
“Dear Sam, many thanks for helping me see the world differently!“
— Amit Kelkar / "It's The Journey" with Sam Abell / April, 2016
“The true learning that occurred was from an engaged speaker who is passionate about photography and imparted expert level experiential knowledge and tips and tricks.“
— Kasey Pool / DSLR Evening Classes / March, 2015
“The books and online tutorials I’ve taken don’t come close to how much I learned in just 2 ½ hours!“
— Zaida Quinteros / DSLR Evening Classes / October, 2018
“I’ve traveled a lot, but from now on I’ll have a different attitude and better eye for details!“
— Leticia Campos / Travel Photography / April, 2012
“Within the first ten minutes I learned more about my camera than the last six months of clicking random buttons.“
— Bonny Pan / Beginner DSLR / July, 2015

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Through instruction, practice and review, you'll expand your technical skills and explore the storytelling capabilities of that excellent little camera you always have at hand.
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    Create beautiful handmade prints of any image using one of the oldest photographic processes!
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    Learn to create glass negatives, tintypes and ambrotypes in this hands-on workshop brought to you by the Penumbra Foundation.
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    Learn to capture the fine details and true colors of your flat artwork.
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