“Lots of info, but the day flew by because it was so interesting.“
— Kathleen Hodgeson / Beginner DSLR / May, 2012
“I am very thankful this place exists! Offering in person, hands on learning at an affordable price is not common and I feel lucky to be close enough to attend“
— Jill Curtis / Natural Light Portraits / May, 2015
“The teacher was patient and approachable.“
— Ashley Miller / Beginner DSLR / May, 2010
“Workshop really was more all-inclusive and informative than I expected.“
— anonymous / Beginner DSLR / February, 2013
“Really enjoyed the easy pace and the flow of the class. Totally recommend it.“
— Catalina Sanchez Lamas / Lightroom Evening Classes / October, 2010
“You quickly assessed my needs and then went over my camera functions with me, going into more detail where I needed additional instruction. Your passion for your work shines through and it is contagious!“
— LeAnn Nabors (CPA and camera enthusiast) / Private Tutoring / March, 2011
“I was worried about spending that kind of money for a 2 hr lesson, but after having been there in that kind of setting I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn specific things geared towards them.“
— Brian Adams (Paramedic) / Private Tutoring / February, 2010
“Presentation is outstanding. Builds your knowledge in a logical, step-by-step process.“
— Billy Koone / Beginner DSLR / August, 2011
“Thank you so much for “lifting the veil” of mystery in operating my camera.“
— Riann Moore / DSLR Evening Classes / June, 2010

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You don’t have to travel abroad to make great pictures. Explore photojournalistic story telling in your own life.
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  • Wed. Feb 1, 2017
  • 4-day workshop
    Advanced • Intermediate
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    From the challenges of gear and data backup to the creative and cultural rewards of shooting people, landscapes and details.
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  • Mon. Jan 30, 2017
  • Evening class
    All Levels
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    Learn to process your own black and white film, make contact sheets and work with an enlarger. Using chemistry and light you'll create unique prints, completely hand made by you.
    Next Series Starts January 11. Next Workshop is February 18.
    Class series • Full-day workshop
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    Three instructors will teach you how to turn your passion for food and photography into a more successful blog.
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  • Sun. Jan 29, 2017
  • Full-day workshop
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