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Sam Abell

Sam Abell’s forty-year career has been dedicated to achieving artistic expression through documentary photography. He has pursued his goals primarily through lengthy, in-depth assignments for National Geographic, where for thirty years he was a contract and staff photographer.

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At the same time, he has maintained a career as an artist, teacher and author. Mr. Abell was a founder of the Santa Fe Center of Photography and has been a member of the boards of the George Eastman House, Rochester, NY and the University of Virginia Museum of Art. A one-person exhibit and monograph of his work at mid-career titled Stay This Moment was organized by the International Center of Photography in New York in 1990. In 2002 a traveling exhibit and monograph of his work titled Sam Abell: The Photographic Life was organized by the University of Virginia Art Museum. His other book credits include Seeing Gardens (2000) and The Life of a Photograph (2008).








His book, Amazonia, was published in January, 2010 to coincide with a traveling exhibition of images organized by the University of Oregon Art Museum. The first installment of four books in the planned 16-volume publication of The SamAbell Library was released January, 2013 by Radius Books, Santa Fe.

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DCP Classes
with Sam Abell

  • "It's The Journey" with Sam Abell
  • Kent Barker

    The son of an ad man, Kent grew up immersed in advertising and imagery. Interested in photographing “people”, he was drawn initially to fashion and thought he’d hit the jackpot landing the Neiman Marcus account early in his career.

    His first job creating portraits for a magazine changed everything however. “There was an essential quality to portraiture that attracted me,” says Kent. “Fashion is largely about fantasy and I was never entirely comfortable with that. Portraiture on the other hand is about taking a real person and finding the most interesting or powerful way to depict them. It’s a challenge that resonated with me immediately and it has been the primary focus of my energies ever since.”

    Over the past 25 years, Kent has photographed for a wide array of magazines and ad agencies. His editorial clients list includes magazines such as Rolling Stone, Esquire, GQ, Men’s Journal, Fast Company, Success, Outside, Town & Country, Texas Monthly and Dallas Modern Luxury. In advertising, he has created national campaigns for the Four Seasons Hotels, Northwestern Mutual, Tony Lama Boots, TransAmerica, Corona, Nike and Budweiser just to name a few.


    DCP Classes
    with Kent Barker

  • Studio Portrait Lighting Intensive
  • David Brown

    David has 40+ years of experience in the darkroom doing both monochrome and color film processing and printing. He’s been a wedding and commercial photographer and has worked as a full-time darkroom technician.

    He taught high school briefly after college before being employed by a security surveillance company that used 35mm film. David maintained multiple cameras in over a hundred locations, designed an in-house darkroom for the company, and processed, printed and archived tens of thousands of feet of film. Now retired from his “day job” as an analyst for the Department of the Treasury, he maintains a working darkroom for personal work. While using state of the art digital for color, all black and white work is done with film and silver gelatin printing.

    From 2006 to 2009, he worked with four other Texas photographers on the Texas Church Project: a collaborative effort documenting historic church buildings using film and darkroom prints. The TCP photographers exhibited multiple times and appeared in a segment of the “Texas Country Reporter” TV show. In 2014, David produced a group exhibition with work from seven Texas photographers, showing silver gelatin prints, platinum/palladium prints, and ambrotypes. In 2015, he completed a documentary project photographing historic pipe organs in Texas and surrounding states.  This project resulted in two exhibitions and a book.

    After a lifetime of landscapes, architectural and documentary work, David now seeks to create photographs that he first “sees” in his mind, rather than capturing a scene that he encounters and documents. As part of that process, David has moved into the studio, and is experimenting with still life, macro, and small abstract setups. He believes that one must never stop learning and moving forward!

    Select exhibitions:
    University of North Texas 2007 (group)
    Abilene Camera Club 2008 (solo – with presentation)
    Jeanette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas 2009 (group)
    Texas Tech University School of Architecture 2009 (group – with lecture presentation)
    Cathedral of Saint Matthew, Dallas 2010 (solo)
    Jeanette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas 2014 (group)
    East Texas Pipe Organ Festival Archives, Kilgore 2014 (solo)
    East Texas Pipe Organ Festival Archives, Kilgore 2015 (solo)


    DCP Classes
    with David Brown

  • Beginner Darkroom
  • Hillary DeParde

    Hillary DeParde was introduced to the art of photography by her grandfather when she was seven years old, spooling her first roll of film in a dark closet while he coached her from the other side of the door. After twenty years of professional photography experience, she continues to use her grandfather’s old safe light and Kodak timers from the 30s — vestiges of her familial connection to the art of photography. With a mastery of manual cameras and darkroom printing, she specializes in film photography, creating classic and timeless portraits that have become a signature of her work.

    Hillary also has extensive experience as an arts educator, teaching visual arts to both young people and adults in a variety of settings, ranging from private arts institutions to public schools. Her strength as an educator comes from her ability to draw on her visual arts degree, her skills as a working artist and her ability to guide students of all ages through the creative process. Sharing her love of the art, science and magic of film photography has been her most rewarding teaching experience.

    Hillary has two grown children and helping them navigate their early years has helped to make her a more effective and engaging teacher.


    Michelle Elwazir

    Michelle has been immersed in the world of art and artistic expression since childhood. Through her parents, both of whom are artists, Michelle developed an early insight into and appreciation of artistic expression. While in high school she began taking courses at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art. She became fascinated by how a photograph has the potential to capture a fleeting sentiment or expression otherwise missed by the human eye.

    Michelle holds a Masters in International Education Development from Boston University. She has extensive experience in curriculum development and as an educator in both private and public schools, in the US and internationally. She moved to Dallas, TX in 1996, where she further cultivated her passion through photography courses at Southern Methodist University. Taking additional workshops in Dallas and around the country she deepened her understanding of photography as her diverse artistic tool.

    Michelle’s interest in photography is broad and includes portraiture, street photography and geometric perspectives. She is passionate about exploring the human essence through the lens and furthering her photographic expression of differing visual interpretations. She is excited to be able to bring her formal training in curriculum development and classroom teaching together with her passion for photography.

    Sylvia Elzafon

    For over 15 years, Sylvia Elzafon has been passionate about animal welfare causes, including companion, farm, and wild animal issues. She has dedicated herself and her work as a photographer to shine a light on some of the biggest challenges facing animals, as well as highlighting our human relationship with them. The Dallas native is an active volunteer on behalf of animals in the community, and she donates photographic services to local and national animal advocacy groups. She has also traveled to over 20 animal sanctuaries around the country.

    “Capturing the essence of each animal so that viewer can truly connect” is at the heart of her style and inspiration in working with animals.

    On a local level, Sylvia donates her time and lens to animal shelters where the need for strong imagery is so important. You will find her images across the pages of the Dallas Pets campaign’s website. Her Shelter Series project that began in 2009, focuses on animals in the largest urban shelters, and includes Dallas, Fort Worth, and Los Angeles, California. This series of work has been published in D Magazine’s Best of Big D, Bark Magazine, Huffington Post, among others.

    In addition to her national animal advocacy work, Sylvia works with a wide range of clients including the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Environmental Media Association, and D Magazine. Her dedication to creative imagery, and her passion for travel have opened doors on multiple projects across the country and the world. Explore her work at SylviaElzafon.com.


    DCP Classes
    with Sylvia Elzafon

  • Dog Photography
  • Coryanne Ettiene

    Coryanne is a Food and Lifestyle expert who is passionate about busy kitchen tables, heirloom dishes, and food that feeds the soul. She is a featured contributor to Better Homes and Gardens, a resident expert for AOL Time Warner and appears frequently on Huffington Post Live. Featured in Traditional HomeMore, Women’s Day and several national newspapers, Coryanne is also the editor of Box Nine Magazine, Director of Ettiene Media, a food and lifestyle digital agency creating social content for national brands, and owner of Ettiene Market, a kitchen concept store in Downtown McKinney Texas. She lives in McKinney Texas with her husband, their 3 children, a rescue dog and 10 backyard chickens.

    Connect with @CoryanneEttiene on social media and read her blog Kitchen Living With Coryanne to follow her food inspired journey.

    DCP Classes
    with Coryanne Ettiene

  • The Art and Business of Food Blogging
  • Rebecca Flores

    From her earliest years, Rebecca has been in love with media and communication. She grew up in Laredo, Texas, and at age 10 would grab any available camera, enthralled with still photography and moving images.

    While earning dual degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish Language from the University of Texas at Austin, she took on the role of Station Manager at TSTV, the first commercial college broadcast station in the U.S. After college she worked as a freelance videographer and cinematographer in central Texas for independent filmmakers as well as for HGTV, the DIY channel and the A&E network. She earned her Masters degree in Film production at the University of Southern California.

    In 2007, Rebecca was invited to Amman, Jordan to help with student workshops at the Royal Film Commission. She felt that serious cinematic storytelling would be an ideal way to help people in the region change the preconceived notions audiences may have of the Middle East. Others shared her vision and she was offered the first teaching position in their new school, The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts. Over four years she developed their curriculum including cinematography, editing, sound and documentary production.

    In 2009, Rebecca and a handful of her brightest students worked with 7 other film schools from around the world to assemble the award-winning documentary series To be a Human Being. She also worked on projects outside of RSICA including Crossing the Dead Sea, a short fiction film currently making the rounds of international film festivals and So Near, So Far, which follows the lives of Palestinian refugees.

    Rebecca returned to Texas in the 2012. She is happily immersed in the blossoming film community in Dallas and is currently working on a Dramatic Comedy television/web series as well as a short documentary film and written memoire of her time in the Middle East.

    She is an adjunct professor in film at the Southern Methodist University and believes that film is truly one of the world’s most powerful tools and means of expression. Being able to share her knowledge and to learn and grow along with her students is what Rebecca sees as the greatest opportunity of her lifetime.

    DCP Classes
    with Rebecca Flores

  • Introduction to DSLR Video
  • Private Tutoring
  • Alex Hakimi

    Alex Hakimi specializes in bold, fast-paced street photography with an emphasis on environment, space, and atmosphere. He has dedicated the past 5 years of his life to photography and education. As an engineering master’s graduate, Alex specializes in the tutoring of high-level mathematics and sciences to university students. He is also devoted to the expression of his artistic vision through documentary photography.

    Alex’s interest in photography began at a time when digital technology seemed destined to make traditional film photography obsolete. Despite its inconveniences, he found film to be his medium of choice, more suited to his style of shooting and artistic vision. “Film photography compels us to be methodical, applying greater foresight and awareness to each image we make.” He shoots a wide variety of film on mechanical 35mm and medium format cameras and exhibits his work annually in Dallas.

    Alex is committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise by teaching documentary and film-based workshops for the Dallas Center for Photography.

    DCP Classes
    with Alex Hakimi

  • Street Photography
  • Loli Kantor

    Loli Kantor is an Israeli/American fine art and documentary photographer whose work centers in personal, community and cultural memory.

    Kantors’ most recent work focuses on Jewish presence in east central Europe. For expressing past and present and a timeless look at a people and a culture Kantor chose to work in color as well as in the palladium process, creating small works comprised of single and multi-framed works. The print sizes are similar to snap shots referring back to the 40s and 50s.

    Her monograph Beyond The Forest: Jewish Presence in Eastern Europe, 2004-2012, (University of Texas Press in 2014) has received acclaim in such publications as The New Yorker and American Statesman and has been featured in interviews on Public Radio International’s The World and on National Public Radio.

    Kantor’s photography has been exhibited in the United States and internationally and has garnered numerous awards and is in museum collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Lviv National Museum in Ukraine; the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin and the Lishui Museum of Photography in China.

    Loli Kantor was born in Paris, France and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is based in Fort Worth, Texas since 1984.


    DCP Classes
    with Loli Kantor

    None scheduled at this time.

    Ed Kashi

    Ed Kashi is a photojournalist, filmmaker and educator dedicated to documenting the social and political issues that define our times. A sensitive eye and an intimate relationship to his subjects are signatures of his work. As a member of VII Photo Agency, Kashi has been recognized for his complex imagery and its compelling rendering of the human condition.

    Along with numerous awards, including Second Prize Contemporary Issues Singles in the 2011 World Press Photo Contest, UNICEF’s Photo of the Year  2010, a Prix Pictet 2010 Commission and honors from Pictures of the Year International, Communication Arts and American Photography, Kashi’s images have been published and exhibited worldwide. Additionally, his editorial assignments and personal projects have generated seven books, including the recent Curse of the Black Gold: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta and THREE. Kashi’s latest book Photojournalisms, is a compilation of journal writings to his wife, done over a nearly 20-year period, from various locations around the world.


    In 2002, Kashi and his wife, writer / filmmaker Julie Winokur, founded Talking Eyes Media.  The non-profit company has produced numerous short films and multimedia pieces that explore significant social issues.  The first project resulted in a book and traveling exhibition on uninsured Americans called, Denied: The Crisis of America’s Uninsured.


    DCP Classes
    with Ed Kashi

  • Ed Kashi Near and Far
  • Noel Kerns

    Noel Kerns is a Texas-based night photographer who specializes in capturing the abandoned landscape of the American southwest.  Growing up in the central Texas hill country, he developed his photographic skills shooting large format black & white landscapes.  The slow and deliberate nature of the large format photographic process was a perfect launching pad into the art of digitally photographing the nocturnal world.


    About Noel’s book, “Nightwatch: Painting With Light”
    (Noel is happy to sign copies of the book brought to the workshop)

    “When people look at these images for the first time, they’re often simultaneously compelled and confused by what they see”, Kerns says. “They’re drawn to the mysterious, sometimes spooky quality the images often exude, but they‘re also usually curious about how the effects in the photographs are achieved. It’s fun to explain the process to both photographers and non-photographers alike, and to watch them as they try to comprehend the technical and physical processes associated with this style of photography.

    Kerns has a deep appreciation for the legacy these decaying, abandoned places leave behind.  “I enjoy exploring and photographing these old places. I’d like to think that I’m taking these once bustling but now discarded locations and am dressing them up for one last night…making them look their best for a final portrait, if you will, one by which we may remember them forever after they’ve collapsed or been demolished to make way for the future.

    To see more of Kerns’ work, visit either his website at www.noelkernsphotography.com, or his Flickr page at www.flickr.com/photos/nkerns. His book is available from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble.



    DCP Classes
    with Noel Kerns

  • light painting at night with Noel Kerns
  • Richard Klein

    Richard trained in photography and sculpture at the University of New Mexico. While mastering the technical aspects of lighting he has retained an artist’s understanding of subject and context. His commercial work is photographing hospitality, food & beverage, architecture and people in paradise for clients like Disney, Hyatt International, Intercontinental, Rosewood, Shangri-La  and Sheraton Grand.

    Richard has logged over 5 years of assignments shooting and directing crews in the US, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, “I strive for an understated elegance in the images, if the viewer has the experience of actually being in the space in their mind’s eye and not noticing the photography, I have done my job well.”

    He was an early adopter of digital imaging which has led to a deep understanding of the process. Richard says he feels fortunate to have lived through the digital revolution and had time to absorb that universe slowly, layer upon layer. Though he does confess that he works hard to make his digital files look like the 4”x5” transparencies he loved for so many years.

    Richard is committed to passing on the craft and joy of image making by teaching classes and workshops at the Dallas Center for Photography, University of Texas at Arlington, the University of North Texas, Texas Woman’s University and as a contributor to lynda.com. “Learning is a process and I see myself as a lifelong learner continually taking on new subjects, being in a state of Beginners Mind. My commitment as an educator is to share complicated material in a way that is easily understood by the student regardless of their experience level. My approach is of mutual respect, honoring the knowledge and experience of everyone in the room.”

    Richard joins his wife, fine art photographer and artist bookmaker, Susan kae Grant in supporting and participating in the visual culture of Dallas and New York. Frequently collaborating and always discussing ideas and approaches in the art making process makes them a great team. In addition to photography Richard has recorded ambient sound around the world that he uses in sound design for his animation and motion work.

    Steve McWilliams

    Steve has over 30 years in film production and media creation and is known for his depth of knowledge and willingness to share his experience with others. With a degree in film production he rose through the ranks from camera tech, first assistant, gaffer, director of photography and on to directing.

    Steve produced from the television commercial production company Steve Show, Inc. and was a sought after Director/Cameraman with a reputation for beautiful 35mm motion film and High Def in-camera effects. His client list includes American Airlines, Garmin, and Paramount Amusement Parks and numerous food and big box stores as well as banks, non-profits and hospitals across North America.

    He was a top selling contributor to Getty Images in both still and motion collections and ran a successful still portrait business with an emphasis on high quality images and deft retouching. He is the inventor of the patented EyeDirect Focusing System product, used by hundreds of producers and camera people around the world.

    Steve has a well known MacGyver-like skill for solving on-set challenges with inventive trickery and hacks. Sage advice came to him as he traveled to a Tokyo shoot with a seasoned cameraman who told him, “If you want to shoot…. You have to know how to light, if you want to direct… you have to know how to edit”. He carries that philosophy to all post production, still or motion, which he sees as an inherent part of the digital creation process, not just something to be used to fix “bad” images or sequences.

    In the motion picture world, Steve has edited on everything from a 35mm KEM, Steenbeck, Moviola, Showchron, EMC2, Razor, Avid and ¾” linear editing systems. Today, Steve uses the Adobe Creative Suite daily and jumps back and forth between Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop.

    Steve feels that both his directorial and editing talents will apply nicely to teaching media creators/editors and photographers at DCP. His approach to teaching will be sympathetic to the creative/dyslexic brain!


    DCP Classes
    with Steve McWilliams

  • Beginner Photoshop
  • Intermediate Photoshop
  • Patrizia Montanari

    Patrizia was born in a small town just outside of Milan, Italy. Food was central to family life and her mother was up at dawn to prepare the daily meals, always from scratch and always with fresh ingredients – a passion quickly absorbed by the young Patrizia. In 2002 she began to travel and experience the world, living and working in New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and San Francisco before making Historic Downtown McKinney her home in 2013 with her husband Mark and two children.

    Patrizia has experienced and created art all of her life. In the last few years her love for portrait and figure painting evolved into a love for photography. Portraits are her passion and people are her biggest inspiration. Patrizia’s own need for learning has now morphed very naturally into her new interest in teaching and passing her knowledge on to others. She is also the founder of the McKinney Photography Club, a contributor to the McKinney Moms Blog as well as the editor of On The Square Blog.


    Peter Poulides

    Peter’s interest in photography started while attending an international high school in Athens, Greece where he often cut classes to spend time in the darkroom. His degree is in TV & film production with a minor in graphics and printing. He worked as an educational video producer for four years while starting to shoot stills professionally and building his portfolio.

    In the early 80s he started freelancing with a specialty in travel and editorial photography. For the next decade or so he completed dozens of assignments for Smithsonian Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, Travel Holiday, Business Week, Time, Fortune, Forbes, Newsweek, The Dallas Morning News, WGBH and others. He also shot commercial and industrial work for small and large companies including Texaco, 7-11, CompUSA, AMEX and Fluor.

    Dallas Center for Photography-Peter Poulides-magazine covers

    Some of Peter’s magazine covers

    When his first child was born in the early 90s, he wanted to be closer to home so Peter backed off the location work, leased some studio space and started shooting indoors. For the next decade he was heavily involved in producing top-selling images for the stock photo business, shooting for Tony Stone Worldwide, which later became part of Getty Images.

    Peter has owned The Spot Studio, Inc. since 1998 and started offering classes in 2009. Today, Dallas Center for Photography keeps him busy with teaching and finding other instructors to bring world class photographic education to Dallas.

    Rebecca White

    A former world history high-school teacher turned stay-at-home mom, Rebecca found a passion for food 10 years ago post brain surgery. Rebecca is a freelance recipe developer, food writer and food photographer. She is a self-taught home cook and photographer who is a regular contributor to The Dallas Morning News, Plano Magazine and has appeared on Good Morning Texas. Her blog, A Pleasant Little Kitchen, started in July of 2014 has experienced local and national recognition resulting in partnerships with several businesses including United Supermarkets, Market Street Grocery Stores and America’s Test Kitchen.

    Connect with @pleasantlittlekitchen on social media and visit her blog A Pleasant Little Kitchen.

    DCP Classes
    with Rebecca White

  • The Art and Business of Food Blogging