Client Reviews

In our first five years we’ve had more than 1600 unique clients come through for training on a range of photography topics. At the end of each class or workshop we hand out evaluations to gather comments and feedback. They have been overwhelmingly positive and have occasionally offered constructive criticism that has helped us tweak and hone the classes and workshops for the better. This is just a selection of the foot-thick stack of evaluation forms we have on file.

“ I liked the hands-on aspect of this class. The use of multiple models allowed everyone in the class to get as many shots as they wanted. We learned how to get a great shot by trying it for ourselves—with a little guidance of course. I think I learned some helpful information for not just kids but for all outdoor pictures. ”
— Jennifer Nickson, Natural Light Portraits / April 2013
“ I found out Lightroom is a lot more powerful than just being an awesome photo organizer. Every place we turned was  like opening a new Christmas present you didn’t expect. ”
— Brad K, Lightroom Evening Classes / May 2010
“ I like that Peter advised to just go out and shoot. Sometimes it can be info overload and this advice helps. ”
— D'Andre Ballard, Intermediate DSLR / March 2015
“ I liked starting out with a seminar before the shoot. The critique session was encouraging and very instructive. The entire experience was not only informative but confidence building. I think the workshop was a perfect length. ”
— Lynn Rogers, Natural Light Portraits / July 2011
“ This is my first photography class ever! I am hooked. Peter was so patient. More than met my expectations. It was fun—he made it fun, and a lot less scary than I thought it might be. I would do it again! I will be back. ”
— Carmen Choyce, Beginner DSLR / April 2011
“ I was concerned the class would be too elementary but this class was not. It included elementary aspects and more advanced information. ”
— Ed Benton, DSLR Evening Classes / August 2014
“ The class was very instructional. Peter is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of photography as well as photo editing. He builds up each topic in a manner that is easy to follow. The pace is fine; breaks are certainly important when trying to digest so much information in a short period of time. ”
— Katie Schwausch, Beginner DSLR / October 2012
“ I have not worked on this software through online training yet. I probably won’t now. I liked being able to see the software in action with Peter’s explanations. Quick answers to questions. It is new to me but I can take what I learned here and add my own processes. ”
— Tony Trevino, Lightroom Evening Classes / June 2013
“ I went into the Sam Abell workshop with the goal of learning how to see through the viewfinder differently and I was not disappointed. Not only does Sam possess a wealth of experience, he's not reluctant in sharing it with you and making it relevant to to your level of experience and capabilities.  I strongly recommend anyone with a desire to improve their photography take this workshop. ”
— Kathleen Craig, Sam Abell Next Step / March 2014
“ I loved the size of it—not too big, not too small. The teacher was amazing and very knowledgeable. I’ve never taken another class, but I know that no class will compare. Fantastic. “Length/pace?” It was perfect. I didn’t get bored at all! You kept things lively and fun! ”
— Belle, Beginner DSLR / March 2013
“ The ability to raise questions cannot be covered by any book or video! In addition, personal experiences that are shared are some of the best tips! ”
— Nicole Nunan, DSLR Evening Classes / August 2014
“ The class felt informal and personal—not too many students. The instructor was able to answer questions as they come up. I took the classes to help me evaluate if I would want to purchase lightroom—wanted to see if it could be something to assist me in my photographic endeavors. I think so. I appreciate better now how to and why I should shoot raw. It’s amazing what software can do. ”
— anonymous, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2011
“ Great class—I have done some youtube tutoring. Most are general overviews. This whole series gave a well-defined overview with practical examples of how it works in specific instances. ”
— Chris Manning, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2012
“ The information presented in the class already has helped me to take better photos. This is my third class and people have already commented that my pictures are getting better. ”
— George Whitmeyer, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2011
“ SO well planned! Projector makes a huge difference. Nice studio-very comfortable seating, etc. That’s a big deal for someone who has ADHD like me. I can't wait to come back and bring my LA girls. I would even enjoy a 2 day program, AKA: photography retreat. ”
— Michelle Levesque, Intermediate DSLR / January 2011
“ The workshop was much better than any books I have read. The amount of knowledge available is awesome! “Any surprises today?” Yes! That I was actually able to understand and comprehend the relation between shutter speed, ISO, and f stop. Also the group of students was awesome! Very diverse and fun! “Length/pace?” Excellent! Never slow or boring. Just the right mix of instruction and hands-on. ”
— Janie Martindale, Beginner DSLR / April 2013
“ I loved that it started very basic and went over each button. I felt like I learned so much in just one hour. ”
— Samantha Torres, Beginner DSLR / February 2015
“ For the first time in many years, I am able to devote time and energy to my photography passion. And, wow! Is there ever a lot to learn! I was fortunate enough to find Peter, who has been able to demystify all of those settings, graphs and more. His private tutoring sessions are simply invaluable for anyone wishing to advance their photography skills. In our session, Peter easily explained flash and demonstrated it with my own equipment. I left with a complete understanding of the unit and how to apply it. Peter’s teaching style is not only patient, but very generous with the amount of information he shares. I look forward to more classes and tutoring sessions as I grow in my photography skills. ”
— Connie Carr Martin (Sr. Sales Manager, Luxottica USA), Private Tutoring / July 2012
“ I enjoyed the way the instructor taught the class. It was fun and left my head spinning but in a good way. Everything was new for me. This was the first time I took pictures on my new camera. ”
— Anonymous, Beginner DSLR / April 2015
“ Very clearly presented information—Peter is knowledgeable, thorough and presents the information in a very understandable manner. Simple to understand and execute his instructions. ”
— Sumatra, DSLR Evening Classes / June 2013
“ Love the photography! Like the wide range of work used so as to have lots of different examples to compare to the wide range of work that I do.  I learned so much today. I can’t wait to get home and start making improvements to my work. ”
— Savanna Rose, Lightroom Evening Classes / May 2010
“ Wow. Great class. A lot of great tips. ”
— John Roberts, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2010
“ For people like me who have dabbled with photography for a lifetime…reaching out for help is both necessary and daunting. A foundation must be built and to do that requires a gift in delivering meaningful concepts as understandable analogies. That’s where you shine, Peter. ”
— Charles Neuenschwander (Patent Consultant), Private Tutoring / September 2011
“ Very informative—Peter did not “read” to us and I appreciated his very polished presentation. ”
— Richard Gordon, Beginner DSLR / February 2012
“ Very practical and made things much easier to understand. Very relaxed atmosphere. Helped me understand shutter speed, f-stop and better understanding of how to shoot without flash. ”
— Kenny Kwok, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2011
“ After doing much research I decided to take the beginners class with Peter at The Spot. I learned how to navigate through my camera, produce much better pictures, as well many “tricks of the trade”! I was able to understand the instructions but also felt very comfortable asking questions. I was so excited about what I had learned so I decided to take a private lesson to focus on particular aspects of photography that I needed. The lessons I took at The Spot were a great value in so many aspects. I walked away not only with the new skill set I needed, but with the confidence to enjoy my camera and be creative! ”
— Kelli Domijan (Owner, Tempo Solutions Boutique), Private Tutoring / May 2011
“ Great class. I would certainly like to continue learning here. ”
— Blair Albert, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2015
“ My pictures were in no particular order or organization and every time I went to locate a shot, I spent more of my time searching. During this course, I have already created and moved all my pictures to folders, added keywords and discovered I have wasted a lot of money on needless presets! ”
— Celeste Ellis, Lightroom Evening Classes / February 2015
“ Extremely informative and knowledgeable instructor. Interesting and highly motivational. Would love a 3-day course. Very practical and hands-on where we were able to put into practice everything that we learned. Relevant and appropriate for my level. Questions answered without having to ask. All day there were “aha” moments! Can’t wait to try what I learned. The f-stops, shutter speed, and ISO interaction were explained really well. Examples helped a lot. I didn’t want the class to finish. It was a tease because I feel we just touched on the basics and I am ready to learn so much more—highly motivational! Lots of info, but the day flew by because it was so interesting. I would love a second session with more photo-taking and analyzing of the positives/negatives. ”
— Kathleen Hodgeson, Beginner DSLR / May 2012
“ I liked the hands-on portion most. Best experience is in the real world. Online does not allow for immediate answers to questions. I wanted to be able to do better with my dogs and the kid portion definitely helped. ”
— Tony Trevino, Natural Light Portraits / June 2013
“ I’ve played with the software at home a bit but the class brings it all together to make sense about why some of the functions are there. ”
— Kaya Wilson, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2012
“ Very personal. Instructor took time with people individually if they needed. I like that there are one-on-ones available. ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / December 2012
“ Randall & I really enjoyed the one-on-one class with you Peter. I really had no clue about the different settings on the camera, and was always frustrated in the past when I couldn’t get the picture I wanted. While I still need a lot more training, the 2 hour session was a great jump start to understanding my camera before our trip to Alaska. I definitely think it improved our photos. Thank you for all your help & we will see you soon in the DSLR classes! ”
— Debbie Sudduth (I.T. Director), Private Tutoring / June 2011
“ Interactive and extremely informative! A lot of material covered in a day. No downtime or hill in class. Day went too fast. Can’t wait to take more classes. ”
— Clay Young, Beginner DSLR / April 2012
“ Excellent instructor! Good pace. I have read books, but this was the first time that the various elements of exposure "clicked" for me. I gained a good bit of confidence and a great base level of knowledge. ”
— Rachel Womack, Beginner DSLR / May 2015
“ When searching for workshops, I was looking for evening classes that would really apply to hands on training and this was the best thing out there! I liked all of the class topics and the ways the items were presented in layman terms. There is a wealth of information in books to read but this class touched on specifics you can leave with to start practicing immediately. ”
— Craig McNeil, DSLR Evening Classes / November 2009
“ The ability to ask questions, as simple as that sounds, is what I have liked the most. I have taken a video tutorial which was helpful but nothing like hearing seeing it demonstrated. ”
— Mark Chapman, Lightroom Evening Classes / October 2014
“ Was finally able to stop using my camera on auto mode. Took away the anxiety and made photography more enjoyable. “Surprises?” I bought an expensive lens that I have to hide from my wife. ”
— Anonymous, Beginner DSLR / April 2012
“ Before the class, I struggled with importing pictures into Lightroom and then subsequently finding and editing them. The class clearly taught me each step of the process in a simple and efficient manner. What previously took me 30 minutes now takes 30 seconds. ”
— Ram Padmanabhan, Lightroom Evening Classes / September 2014
“ The pace was excellent and I felt the time to understand the camera controls and then use them was excellent. Taking pictures of models at the end really helped put everything together and reinforce concepts. I thought it was a good value for the individual time and content. Loved the personal touch! ”
— Mike Hames, Beginner DSLR / November 2013
“ Good explanations and analogies. Familiarity with my camera was very helpful. Hearing/seeing/doing is a great way to learn. Enjoyed the easy going manner, excellent facility and very helpful tips. ”
— Tracey Allard, Beginner DSLR / May 2014
“ I had the opportunity to spend an hour of one-on-one time with Peter asking him questions about photography issues I had and it was WONDERFUL. He is very instructive, phrases topics in a way that really makes them “stick”. The hour went by very fast, but I got more out of it than I expected. I look forward to taking one of his classes and learning more from him. ”
— Shiela Lannen (Oncologist), Private Tutoring / February 2010
“ I am no longer intimidated by the software. ”
— Neal Cerpanya, Lightroom Evening Classes / May 2015
“ Simple and easy to understand difficult concepts. Thorough explanation of the fundamentals: detailed but presented in a very interesting way. I knew less than I thought I did before I took the class. Very well-paced. Tremendous value for anyone who really wants to learn about using their DSLR as well as pursuing photography as more than just ‘snap and click.' ”
— Sumit Kar, Beginner DSLR / June 2013
“ I understand how to manipulate my camera and achieve the "look" that I want to capture. Excellent value as compared to other photography classes offered in DFW! ”
— Laura Gruenau, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2015
“ I was surprised and happy that I learned about another photo editing program other than Photoshop. I was about to purchase it but will now be purchasing Lightroom. ”
— Stephanie Brown, Beginner DSLR / January 2014
“ Thank you for demystifying my camera! ”
— Craig Carter, Beginner DSLR / January 2015
“ Very hands on and answers every question with very detailed answers. ”
— Isaias Hernandez, Intermediate DSLR / January 2011
“ What did I like about the workshop? Everything! Especially the timing—the 1 day Saturday workshop is great for me and my schedule. Also, I feel that the class was very personalized. ”
— Aylisa Marion, Beginner DSLR / August 2011
“ I have taken only one other DSLR class and it was last weekend. This workshop was very different from that one in that we weren’t shooting paid models. LIKE! Models=boring. I enjoyed going into the real world and being allowed to shoot things I will actually be shooting in my daily life. Peter was right there armed with tips and advice. I very much appreciated his help and input. I was very surprised by how well my photos came out. I was also surprised at how self-explanatory the basic functions of LR3 are. ”
— Bethany Shanahan, Lightroom Shoot & Edit / April 2012
“ Loved shooting the models—everyone was very relaxed and it was not intimidating like I expected. Great having so many models. I was shooting my 50mm while everyone else had much longer lenses. Did not feel I was in someone’s way all the time, since we were spread out. ”
— Aristotle Rabanal, Natural Light Portraits / April 2013
“ I liked having actual people to shoot. Very clear explanation of all camera modes. Learned new functions and settings on my camera. I was surprised to get to shoot in so many different lighting scenarios. Not a thing [missing], now I just need to keep shooting. ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / June 2013
“ This was my first time taking a photography class. It was really helpful, I learned a lot of new info about my camera and I’m so excited to take more shots! ”
— Susy Olvera, Beginner DSLR / September 2012
“ This is absolutely an ideal solution for organizing and editing photos. I may never use iPhoto again. ”
— Mary Henry, Lightroom Evening Classes / February 2015
“ I wish I had this knowledge when I took my trip to Alaska last summer. I know now what I did wrong! ”
— Neal Cerpanya, Beginner DSLR / January 2015
“ Excellent-interactive. Liked the focus on the mechanics and technical aspect in the morning and the comments on composition while reviewing the photos afterwards. The different light scenarios during the exercises were very illustrative. ”
— Neli, Beginner DSLR / August 2014
“ I much prefer the smaller class size you have. I feel that I can already take better images because I understand how the camera works. ”
— Katherine Pritchard, Beginner DSLR / February 2014
“ This class is by far the most informative class I’ve ever taken. The books and online tutorials I’ve taken don’t come close to how much I learned in just 2 ½ hours! I feel so much more confident now that I know my camera. ”
— Zaida Quinteros, DSLR Evening Classes / August 2014
“ Peter knows this photography stuff inside and out. One-on-one help and advice was freely given. ”
— Tom Marusa, Intermediate DSLR / June 2009
“ It was obvious that you knew what you were talking about and you wanted us to learn as much as we could also. ”
— Stacey Goodman, Beginner DSLR / January 2010
“ I needed a refresher from my HS photography class (taught on film) regarding aperture and SS. This was what I needed. ”
— anonymous, DSLR Evening Classes / July 2012
“ Great job at explaining detail of Lightroom. The handout is very helpful because there is so much info to cover and if you write notes it is hard to keep up. ”
— anonymous, Lightroom Evening Classes / August 2014
“ Noel did a great job breaking down his process/technique. He gave a great level of detail that can be applied. Thanks to Noel for being open and confident enough to share enough "trade secrets" to encourage us and make us feel that night painting is approachable for a newbie. ”
— Deanna Centurion, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / May 2014
“ Peter is very organized and has the ability to communicate how exposure factors work together in a manner we can understand. Loved the classes. ”
— Terry Newman, DSLR Evening Classes / October 2015
“ This is my first photography class. I like that it covers a lot in one class and I feel like I can incorporate the information immediately. Hands on, not too much and not too little. ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / March 2013
“ The Lightroom demo while putting together the slideshow was really interesting! ”
— Amanda Moseley, Beginner DSLR / March 2015
“ Very informative! I’m a visual learner so this class was very helpful! ”
— anonymous, DSLR Evening Classes / February 2013
“ I loved the suggestions as to what settings to try as we shot the models. ”
— anonymous, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ Loved getting to shoot a model. Great explanation of lighting! I love the all day workshop! It gives you the info you need and allows you to utilize the skills you learn. ”
— Emma Goode, Intermediate DSLR / January 2011
“ This is the first portrait class I've taken. It was very enlightening to be on a shoot with a professional and to see how she conducts a session. ”
— Neal Cerpanya, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ This was the most rewarding educational experience I have encountered in photography. As Sam warned us, "I will never be satisfied" as I look for all the possibilities he brought out in class and in the one-to-one encounters. My compositions and the ability to bring to life not only the obvious subject but all the supporting elements has improved 1,000%. I would love to take Sam's class again.

On the surface, his presentation is simple and clear but it is very deep in wisdom as you stop and reflect on how he builds the process of composition. My time with the class was a life changing experience in the way I shoot and how I think about what I'm trying to have the photograph convey. ”
— Paul Wallace, Sam Abell Next Step / March 2014
“ Small class, very relaxed. I felt like I could ask any questions. There was nothing I did not like. The workshop exceeded my expectations and I feel like the cost is a good value. The info I received is useful, not a lot of info that I do not need. I’m so glad to find a studio/group that will help me become a better photographer. ”
— Jina Armstrong, Natural Light Portraits / July 2011
“ Loved that the printed material followed the discussion—the ability to read over at home and understand! Very helpful with camera buttons and whistles. ”
— Karan Clements, Beginner DSLR / February 2012
“ It had been decades since I had a photography lesson, but Peter with his knowledge and expertise has revived my passion for photography. I got more out of our private lesson time than I could have ever expected! I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson, and I would recommend Peter to anyone that wants to know more about how to get wonderful photos and all the aspects that go into obtaining a great photograph. ”
— Alan Peyron (Software Engineer), Private Tutoring / July 2011
“ Peter's teaching style works for both left or right brained people. Made it very easy to understand. ”
— Lisa Marie Thompson, Beginner DSLR / January 2014
“ Very informative and answered many of the questions I had about the camera I use. I was very pleased with the content of the workshop and how it was presented. The only surprise was how UN-boring it was. It kept me interested and had my attention all day. ”
— Frances Fisher, Beginner DSLR / October 2013
“ Because of the way these classes are taught, I am able to easily understand my camera and how to use it to take the photos I actually want. ”
— Katrina Cain, DSLR Evening Classes / November 2015
“ I thought that it was extremely helpful to attend in an interactive format. I had previously tried to read through books/manual on the subject, but it was really difficult to grasp until I saw in person. For example, the differences in the same photograph using same shutter speed but different f-stop. I really enjoyed the “mistake” photography and how you were able to transform it into something great. ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / February 2013
“ Rebecca was great. She has a wonderful personality, clearly knows what she is talking about, has an interesting story to tell and kept it very interesting. I loved that this was a whole weekend workshop. No time to forget anything! ”
— Wim Schalken, Introduction to DSLR Video / March 2015
“ Going through Sam Abell's workshop was like getting a new pair of glasses. It took my eyes a while to adjust but I'm seeing so much more now! ”
— Jean Klughart, Sam Abell Next Step / March 2014
“ I really liked the hands-on and real-time demos! They made it possible to learn and experience what before I could only read about. Very easy for the average person to understand. ”
— Laurie P., Beginner DSLR / November 2009
“ I enjoyed Peter’s personality and humor. His use of analogies was helpful in learning the basics of exposure. I liked being able to shoot pictures with a model. ”
— Amy Hendricks, Beginner DSLR / March 2011
“ Very good. Loved Rebecca's relaxed style and deep knowledge. ”
— Nicole Nunan, Introduction to DSLR Video / March 2015
“ Peter is a great teacher and very patient with beginners. ”
— Jan Ramsey, Beginner DSLR / January 2012
“ The workshop was very helpful in learning and understanding the different settings on my camera—understanding the different settings, purposes, and functions from a technical perspective, as well as the role. The instructions and explanations were very clear with good analogies. I liked the relaxed, friendly, knowledgeable atmosphere as well as the class size. ”
— Suzanne, Beginner DSLR / April 2013
“ I liked that I could follow along. I got a lot of information in very easy-to-absorb amounts. Peter is a wealth of information—wow. I hope one day I can think like he does with photography. ”
— Karen Thompson, Beginner DSLR / September 2012
“ I've taken a photography class before (in L.A.). This one I liked because you give us notes so if I miss something all of the important points are written for me. Also, I love your analogies. It helps me to understand photography better. ”
— Erin Galyean, DSLR Evening Classes / November 2015
“ It was an opportunity to be instructed by someone outstanding in the field of photography. Not someone who is just good, but someone who spent a lifetime developing his technique with outstanding success. Sam and his work are known world-wide due to his tenure with National Geographic. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and well worth my time.

I was really surprised that he did all of his work at National Geographic with two Olympus cameras and 28mm and 35mm lenses. This really brought home to me that it is the photographer's skill and not the equipment that makes great photos.

I was amazed at how simple his rules of composition are and yet, how much skill it takes to master them. I was expecting something more technical I think. We looked at a LOT of photos in this workshop. I looked at each one as if it were my own and learned from Sam’s critique. As odd as it sounds, even to me, my own photos ended up being no more important than the others. It’s about what we internalized as universal skills rather than any set of photos. To say it another way, I will make bad photos in the future, but I will know why, so it’s not about the photo, it’s about how you make the image. ”
— Mike Hill, Sam Abell Next Step / March 2014
“ Teacher speaks like he enjoys shooting pictures and explains the concepts on a level that a beginner can easily understand. We have owned this SLR camera and not taken advantage of having it. It has been used more like a simple digital camera. I am starting to understand the settings and how to use them to take better quality pictures and capture moments instead of just capturing people setting. ”
— Cheryl Angadicheril, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2010
“ Very informative, yet mostly simple. Great teacher, amazing photographer. ”
— Erica Krueger, DSLR Evening Classes / July 2010
“ Thank you so much for “lifting the veil” of mystery in operating my camera. I’ve been shooting in automatic for at least a year! I feel much more confident to play with my settings and actually have a little knowledge to figure this out. ”
— Riann Moore, DSLR Evening Classes / June 2010
“ I loved the workshop! I thought the size of the class was important and the perfect amount! The teacher was approachable and the students were helpful as well! ”
— Caitlin Brown, Natural Light Portraits / March 2015
“ I like the teacher’s personality and humor. I like that he knows we’re not concerned about every specific detail of the camera and focused on the most important things we need to know to be better photographers. ”
— Alison Miller, DSLR Evening Classes / August 2010
“ Class went so fast. Well done! ”
— Sonya, DSLR Evening Classes / July 2010
“ I loved the entire presentation! I was able to follow along with all the illustrations and explanations… can’t wait to go out and practice what I learned today. ”
— Terri Lamendell, Beginner DSLR / August 2011
“ Instructor was patient and addressed any questions we had or difficulties in operating our cameras. He was able to provide personal attention as needed so we didn't feel lost. ”
— Desiree Buchanan, Beginner DSLR / January 2015
“ I've never take any other classes or done any other research but this class was very helpful. I just bought my camera and it really helped me understand how it works and how I can make it a better tool for me. ”
— Sharmilla, Beginner DSLR / November 2013
“ I liked the hands on aspect of the workshop. It solidified the information that was taught to us during the workshop. Peter was great because he was so approachable and made asking questions easy. ”
— Elizabeth Hamilton, Beginner DSLR / July 2014
“ I was looking for a hands-on, informative and fun learning experience for Adobe Lightroom. Peter is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher who guided our Lightroom workshop through clear and understandable instructions that even a beginner could quickly grasp. I have taken almost all of his workshops and am now working one-on-one with Peter to gain more information for my specific photography needs such as fixing my lightroom issues on my computer and learning to shoot and process HDR and panoramic images. I now know what all of those controls in Lightroom mean and I am using them to process some great looking pictures! At one of the workshops, Peter provided a professional model to pose under a myriad of lighting situations – from studio to direct sun light. My learning curve went through the roof as I have never learned so much about all kinds of lighting! At the end of class, Peter showed our class photos which all looked very professional. This was a really fun class! I could do this every week. If you want to learn photography from a pro and be able to ask all the questions you have about your photography issues, then I highly recommend Peter Poulides for one-on-one instruction or his fun workshops at his studio. ”
— Beth Holland (Art Consultant and art museum docent), Private Tutoring / June 2011
“ First time I understood the functions (P, M, Av, Tv) and the relation between light, ISO, aperture, and shutter. Everything was super clear. It also helped me understand how to use the buttons on my camera. ”
— Olivier Poirot, Beginner DSLR / June 2012
“ I’ve had LR since LR 1, all self-taught. This class series really gave me some great new ideas and tips on how to maximize my productivity. ”
— Jeff Stager, Lightroom Evening Classes / February 2013
“ I attended the beginner and intermediate workshops and Peter is a such a great instructor that it motivated me to attend some tutoring. I purchased two 6 hour private tutoring sessions and came away from each with a wealth of knowledge that I could immediately put to use. He makes some complex issues very simple and taught at exactly my skill level, in a way that you cannot get in a group setting. Peter has such experience and knowledge, I feel like I learned more in those sessions than I could learn in dozens of workshops. I highly recommend the tutoring. ”
— Linda Littrell (photography enthusiast), Private Tutoring / August 2010
“ Loved hands-on and critique afterwards. Loved that is was specific to kids. Liked the location. Margie is a great instructor (I felt that I could relate to her). ”
— Minda Paluga, Natural Light Portraits / July 2011
“ I liked getting the background on the technical side of how a camera works. It makes everything "stick" better. Great teacher, great pace and length so that I felt I got a really good breadth of knowledge in a relatively short course. ”
— Callie Hamilton, Beginner DSLR / April 2015
“ Gave examples of protective gear, cases, backpacks, etc. for carrying equipment - nice to know what really works. I learned not to be so focused on getting postcard shots. I loved the slide show. I learned about telling a story in a travel shot. “Will information presented be helpful?” yes, especially in telling my travel story and waiting for the right shot. ”
— Michelle Peters, Travel Photography / April 2012
“ I learned new things about audio and lighting that I don't get from online research. The instructor was able to answer all the questions I had. I had a lot of questions! I like the explanation on lighting and audio. ”
— Anonymous, Introduction to DSLR Video / March 2015
“ I liked the hands on experience. I also liked the way the material was presented. Some photographers are very knowledgeable, but are terrible teachers. You were a great teacher! I have been to another training session that I found through Groupon. It was not very good and it made me feel like I would never get the hang of it. After today’s workshop, I have more confidence in my ability to learn. ”
— Michelle Meledeo, Beginner DSLR / March 2013
“ I loved the hands on and the "why" aspect. I did not feel totally over my head. Serious but fun approach. Really is user friendly and something I cannot wait to explore. ”
— Sandra Reid, Beginner DSLR / February 2014
“ I liked how open and honest the instructors were. First time I’ve taken this type of workshopt. I loved it, thanks! I learned a lot and can’t wait to practice my skills and keep getting better! ”
— Shannon Robbins, Natural Light Portraits / July 2011
“ So much helpful information. My expectations for this class were exceeded! Since I started taking these awesome classes I've noticed such a huge difference in my pictures. ”
— Liliana Hernandez, DSLR Evening Classes / October 2015
“ Looking forward to shooting and capturing what I see. Thank you!! ”
— Reed Bryant, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2015
“ I signed up for a block of one on one sessions with Peter. At the time of taking the classes my goal was to become better prepared to do professional wedding and family photography (I've put the dream of being a professional photog on hold because I have a young family). The time I spent with Peter was invaluable. I thought I was good with Lightroom, but he made me better. He helped my composition. He exposed me to all kinds of different ways to present my work personally and professionally. He had me setup some shoots with people I knew to really get a feel for what it's like to do this professionally. After the sessions he helped me reflect on the dialogue between me and the "customers". Dialogue is an overlooked part of being a photog. Long story short: Peter is an extremely well rounded resource that will make you better regardless of your experience level. ”
— Justin Thompson, Pharmacist, Private Tutoring / March 2014
“ I finally feel (somewhat) comfortable with my camera. I had no idea what any of the settings were, or what they meant. Now I do. ”
— Jana Johnston, DSLR Evening Classes / February 2011
“ Peter had an answer for every question I asked him. It's nice to get answers when you need them. ”
— Larry Morgan, Beginner DSLR / August 2013
“ It was great the way the classes progressed from history/definitions and how it affects pictures/practice. If I look at a picture and it is too bright or too dark I know what I can do to fix it and try again. ”
— Anonymous, Beginner DSLR / January 2015
“ The pace and amount of information given each class was just enough to take in. I didn't feel overwhelmed or confused. ”
— Anonymous, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2015
“ Great class! Very informative. Cleared up f-stop, time value, ISO, +/- button and the (o) button (sorry, can’t remember the name). ”
— Joe Villarreal, DSLR Evening Classes / November 2009
“ Being able to take pictures of a model in the studio was great! It is amazing the difference lighting makes. I was a little surprised at how sometimes pictures that are sometimes considered “ALL WRONG” technically, turn out to be really awesome and make a statement. ”
— Luiz Velasco, Beginner DSLR / April 2012
“ Sam Abell's workshop was transformational. Sam told us at the beginning that we would never be happy with our work again - yet I'm not sure I quite knew what that meant. Now I totally get it - I am shooting better photographs by far, and I am simultaneously much less satisfied and much more excited with my results than I have ever been - but I couldn't be happier about it, and wouldn't trade that for anything. ”
— John Jaggers, Sam Abell Next Step / March 2014
“ The outdoor time and challenge of an assignment plus the follow up critique were a great combination. ”
— Michelle Bogan, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ Taking photography classes had been on my bucket list for many years. My first experience with Peter was in an all day DSLR workshop where I learned things about my camera that I never knew were possible. After that I enrolled in tutoring sessions with a friend of mine and have been excited about the progress I have made with my new hobby. Peter has given me homework assignments that have caused me to stretch my creative thinking as well as my photographic ability. A camera is now a constant companion of mine and I look forward to each session with Peter for his honest and gentle critique along with his suggestions on how to improve. ”
— Neil Resnik, Private Tutoring / July 2014
“ It was small enough to get through a lot of material while still feeling like you could get immediate responses to your questions. The interaction and hands on learning was priceless. ”
— Cally Williams, Beginner DSLR / June 2014
“ Photo shoot with models was very cool. It was a little uncomfortable at first but then I just went with it. The workshop was very good content for price and although it was all day it went by quick. ”
— John Mattes, Beginner DSLR / May 2015
“ Hands on shooting and real-time instruction was invaluable. It’s easier to learn when someone can walk you through your difficulties. Learning about lighting, lenses and composition will be very helpful. ”
— Cindy Shughrue, Natural Light Portraits / December 2011
“ Workshop was very effective. Excellent mix of technical information correlated to real-life experience and hands on excercises. I came away from the session feeling much more comfortable with the camera and looking forward to using it. ”
— Bob Terwilliger, Beginner DSLR / March 2014
“ The class was great. Covered many of the “basics” that will help me understand how my camera takes the pictures (and why its so picky in some environments!) focus, f-stop etc. ”
— Meredith Ebaugh, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2010
“ Explained everything in an easy way that a beginner photographer could understand. Loved the review of the photos of at the end and how the ones you thought might be mistakes turned out to be some of the better ones. Came in feeling nervous, but left feeling confident. Feel more comfortable in taking pictures now. Loved the hands-on photo shoot. ”
— Brianna Gott, Beginner DSLR / February 2012
“ With all of Peter’s classes I learn things I haven’t heard elsewhere, and that’s why I came in spite of having learned the basics before—I knew there would be explanations I hadn’t heard anywhere else and the things I think I already know would be further reinforced. ”
— anonymous, DSLR Evening Classes / July 2012
“ I got a good amount of information to manage and classify my images. I thought I was doing a good job, however the tips presented in class will make my job a lot easier. ”
— Jorge Palos, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2010
“ The class got me over my fear of the camera and I can go back and make better use of the instructions. ”
— Tom Bembinster, Beginner DSLR / June 2014
“ I wish I would have taken this class two years ago. It's the best overview with hands on work to make it all come together. It's a fabulous value for the information and instruction provided. ”
— Mary Henry, Beginner DSLR / January 2015
“ I hired Peter to advise me on a photography project involving my law firm that was, for me, very ambitious. I knew that I had made mistakes and that I was in over my head, but Peter worked with me through even the smallest, most basic details with patience and encouragement. It was my impression that Peter still thinks of himself as a student. He is still striving to learn more and that comes across in his tutoring because he does not teach, he shares. I will definitely work with him in the future on other projects. ”
— Steve Thomas, Attorney, Private Tutoring / July 2014
“ I liked going through the pictures and learning techniques on how you took the pictures. Pocket and DSLR tips and tricks were great. ”
— Wendy Boyer, Travel Photography / April 2012
“ Did the full day DSLR workshop first, then added this on—I loved getting a chance to practice for a couple weeks and then come back and get more. I’ve learned a bit from the photo blogs but examples and hands-on instruction made all the difference. ”
— Katie Wilson, DSLR Evening Classes / August 2013
“ I had the pleasure of attending a private photography lesson with Peter and my father. In a short amount of time, Peter gave us clear, detailed direction and essential information about how to better use our new cameras and take better photos. My body of work has improved dramatically, and I have successfully captured my daughter’s first year of life beautifully on camera. I would highly recommend Peter for a photographer of any skill level. ”
— Jennifer Foy (Attorney and owner of Foytography Studio), Private Tutoring / July 2011
“ All good info. Its interesting to learn some of the technical aspects of the camera. I love seeing examples of what you are talking about/shooting (ex: shooting at 5.6 and/or 22 and seeing the difference on the projector). ”
— Wesley Gohlke, DSLR Evening Classes / February 2011
“ This was an outstanding workshop. Every minute was filled with nonstop learning. ”
— Janis Tillerson, Natural Light Portraits / June 2015
“ Overall I was impressed with the quality of instruction and the breadth and depth of Peter’s knowledge of both technical and creative aspects of photography, as well as the various makes and models of the participants’ cameras. ”
— Heather BairdMoodley, Beginner DSLR / May 2012
“ Very interactive, lots of information. I liked having a model to shoot and learning different lighting techniques. Knowledgeable instructor and easy to understand language. Great class. ”
— Name Withheld, Beginner DSLR / January 2013
“ The way Peter showed us the inside of the camera and how it works. I actually understood, mostly, about f-stops and shutter speed, where other people just confused me. ”
— Kathleen, Beginner DSLR / August 2011
“ I had a great time at the last swap meet and plan to come back. I brought a friend with me and we found several things we liked, spent more than we intended and met interesting people. ”
— Gene Brown, Photo Swap Meet: Buy, Sell, Trade, Gawk / April 2015
“ I learned so much! The interactive class and visuals of the camera settings is really what was missing from the information I already knew. Before I knew it the day was over! ”
— Molly Rumpke, Beginner DSLR / November 2014
“ Awesome experience! Great to shoot on location both for architecture and color. Fun to see pictures from class—able to see how others framed shots that I walked right by. [Surprised] that we were shooting downtown. That was awesome. ”
— Shelley Peterson, Lightroom Shoot & Edit / April 2012
“ You covered such a vast amount of info in a short amount of time! You were much more intuitive than a book or lessons I’ve read online. You, surprisingly, remember what it’s like to know very little and tell why these are important things to know. ”
— Kaci Cantrell, DSLR Evening Classes / October 2013
“ Very helpful, had lots of “aHA” moments. Gave me a broader understanding of how to get off of auto and control my shots. ”
— Denise Smith, Beginner DSLR / January 2013
“ Nice class environment and atmosphere—very comfortable and inviting. ”
— Allison Loftus, DSLR Evening Classes / November 2013
“ I have taken the SMU class and left there knowing nearly nothing—I am leaving this class excited that I have some familiarity with the issues of DSLR. I have a lot to learn yet—but I have a real good idea on where I can find it. “Surprises?”The ease of the content. Read the manuals, watched youtube and it’s all really technical. I came to this class and it turns out the issues are really simple. The balance was great. I wasn’t watching my watch to get it over with. That alone says the balance was there. ”
— Chris Manning, Beginner DSLR / September 2012
“ The metaphors used to describe concepts were helpful for more visual learners like myself. ”
— Brittany Witkin, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2010
“ My favorite was the photo shoot. I liked how we started from the beginning, as if we were blank slates and then moved from there to more complex ideas. ”
— Terry Newman, Beginner DSLR / September 2013
“ I like that it was hands on. So much better than just trying to read a book. It was nice to actually go through my camera and see where everything was. ”
— Debby Stubbs, Beginner DSLR / March 2011
“ I’ve taken courses from school, online and read books. This class has taught me more than any other. I cant wait for the next. I’m going home to learn my stops and shutter. ”
— Crystal DeAnda, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2011
“ Dividing the LR workshops into three sessins has allowed time to practice different modules between sessions. It has definitely laid the groundwork for me to reorganize, improve access, and encourage sharing of my photos. ”
— Jean Well, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2011
“ I have taken a number of “technique” workshops and feel that they are paying diminishing returns. I like that this workshop was directed towards the art of photography instead of equipment usage or processing. Also, I liked that there was a minimum level of competence required.

Sam has a very personal approach to the workshop. He seemed to find time for all questions and keep the class moving at the same time. I liked the time he spent discussing participants portfolios. It was very informative and well worth the time. ”
— Frank Richards, Sam Abell Next Step / March 2014
“ I got a good amount of information to manage and classify my images. I thought I was doing a good job, however the tips presented in class will make my job a lot easier. I am just starting out but learning how to catalogue, use keywords and edit in Lightroom is helpful. ”
— Eve Newell, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2010
“ The Long term effect is that I will be looking for opportunities to add light painting techniques to a variety of shots – landscape, architecture, and products. ”
— Anonymous, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / March 2014
“ Great pace, organization and information. I loved the ability of getting to use the information in a shoot and seeing everyone's results. Originally I thought it may be too much information for one day but it flowed well. ”
— Andrew Lassetter, Beginner DSLR / March 2014
“ Great beginner class. Having Peter’s camera hooked up to the projector to see examples helped me understand more of the items I was confused about. ”
— Todd Pettit, Beginner DSLR / November 2009
“ I used the concepts mentioned and really put those into practice and got good shots! ”
— Clay Montgomery, Natural Light Portraits / June 2015
“ This was my first photography workshop! I walked away with tons of fabulous notes and can’t wait to get home to practice more. So informative! Thank you! ”
— Ashley Russell, Beginner DSLR / March 2011
“ I personally never work in groups and it was a nice experience. I learned from others' interesting comments and points of view. ”
— Sergio Ayala, Natural Light Portraits / March 2015
“ I think the most helpful thing was being able to see the pictures on the screen as they were being taken and being able to see the camera menus displayed. For the beginner I don’t think anything was missing. ”
— John Daniel, Beginner DSLR / June 2009
“ The classes really motivated me to experiment with different Lightroom functions. I enjoyed the numerous "insider" tips! ”
— Bea McBride, Lightroom Evening Classes / February 2014
“ I had enough of a grasp of aperture, shutter speed and ISO to make me dangerous! It was exactly the amount of information I was looking for. ”
— Allison Bonlander, Beginner DSLR / November 2014
“ I never got around to reading manuals, using youtube, etc. Had to pay to go to class to overcome my rookie inertia. Good tips and info on how to shoot for amateurs. Love the technical background and analogies… helps the complex information, like F-stop/shutter speed relationship, stick. Absolutely recommend. I’ve been using my SLR for three years and won’t be shooting auto anymore! ”
— Sarah Wetzel, DSLR Evening Classes / September 2012
“ I have an associate degree in media communication from TSTC Waco and I retained more of an understanding in one of your classes then I did in a year of classes there. I struggle so much with fundamentals but how you use metaphors is so magical. For the first time I was able to explain aperture and shutter to my mom because of your bucket of water example. ”
— Nora Figlia, DSLR Evening Classes / October 2012
“ I have taken photography courses online using This course brought it all together and filled in all the gaps. “Surprises?” Yes. I can shoot in manual mode now. I usually call that scary mode. He knows about all camera types… he is a ninja! ”
— Frank Urias, Beginner DSLR / February 2013
“ I had the opportunity to spend an hour private lesson with Peter; going over all the photography questions I had in mind. Peter was such a great teacher! Not only was he so easy to understand, he helped me by applying each and every question I had to then some hands on “shooting”, which made all the knowledge stick. Thank you Peter in helping me turn my hobby into something I can bless others with as well! ”
— Mariam Colquitt (Mariam Colquitt Photography), Private Tutoring / January 2011
“ I have a much better idea of what to use Lightroom for. I love the organization features. The price seems fair. The teacher gave out so much information! ”
— Anonymous, Lightroom Evening Classes / May 2015
“ I liked the demonstrations with the tethered camera. I’ve learned things about lighting that will make my photos better. I’m really excited about applying what I’ve learned in the DSLR class. ”
— Monica Flores, Beginner DSLR / June 2009
“ [I liked] the ability to ask for clarification & specifics, which you can’t do with a book, video, non-live format. Expanded my understanding of options I had no idea were available. As a rookie this blew all the circuits in my mind (in a good way)! I’ll forget tons and may be back to go through this again since I’m a slow learner, but that’s a commentary on my brain, not the class. I prefer overkill and things over my comprehension than things under killed. ”
— Jean OK, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2012
“ Peter’s knowledge and passion for photography made the class enjoyable and interesting. ”
— Jeremy Hayes, Beginner DSLR / June 2009
“ Handouts and visual demonstration along with explanation from something who knows the program was very helpful. ”
— Steve Thomas, Lightroom Evening Classes / February 2014
“ I liked how in depth you explained the technical side of photography in a way that I could understand. The analogies helped a lot. ”
— Megan Brawley, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2015
“ I liked the balance between learning and actual hands on shooting. I thought the material covered was detailed but not too overwhelming. Also good class size. ”
— Kimberly Crews, Beginner DSLR / April 2015
“ I've spent many hours reading online and watching videos on youtube and I feel I've wasted hours and hours. Your class was AWESOME. I've learned more today than what online reading or videos could teach. Thank you. ”
— Patrick Lopez, Beginner DSLR / April 2014
“ Easy to follow, so glad you use a PC so I don’t feel uncool without a mac. ”
— Carrie Smith, Lightroom Evening Classes / October 2010
“ I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have spent an hour with you, Peter! My primary objective was to make sure I had the necessary tools for my digital SLR for an upcoming vacation. You quickly assessed my needs and then went over my camera functions with me, going into more detail where I needed additional instruction. You showed me several tricks and short cuts that have really helped me and the travel tips you shared with me from your extensive experience proved invaluable. Your passion for your work shines through and it is contagious! Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with me-it was indeed a pleasure. Look forward to taking some more classes with you. ”
— LeAnn Nabors (CPA and camera enthusiast), Private Tutoring / March 2011
“ I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the one on one appointment that we had. I was worried about spending that kind of money for a 2 hr lesson, but after having been there in that kind of setting I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn specific things geared towards them. I learned a lot and now I need to come back for more help. Also I would like to thank you for answering all my questions that I have sent to you by email. ”
— Brian Adams (Paramedic), Private Tutoring / February 2010
“ Good instructor, great at explaining concepts and good people skills. She was excited and passionate about the subject. Good combination of tech and practical excercises. Learned many useful things. ”
— Robert Sherman, Introduction to DSLR Video / March 2015
“ The workshop has made me more curious to take more chances and experiment. I have learned more in one day than in months of reading and practicing on my own. Very thorough and informative. ”
— James Coleman, Beginner DSLR / August 2014
“ This class opened my eyes to all the options and variations available to me. I always had it in my head that there was only one "setting" for every picture composition. I learned the relationship of settings and that I can accomplish the same picture/effect with a variety of settings. ”
— Carolyn Ping, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2014
“ Enjoyed the hands-on, open conversations, being able to ask questions and get an answer right then. The mood was one of the best things and how some questions got answered as we went along. ”
— Bobby Pena, Beginner DSLR / May 2012
“ I was a complete newbie. These classes have made me more confident to get in and use it. ”
— Anonymous, Lightroom Evening Classes / May 2015
“ I liked the spontaneity of things. Great interaction and visual comparison of live events. ”
— Debbie Ruste, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2011
“ How time flies! Great info on basic photography concepts. 1st grade drawings really helped with concepts. The instructor is great because he remembers what it is like NOT to know-the mark of a true teacher. ”
— Jeny, DSLR Evening Classes / August 2014
“ It was absolutely wonderful to learn in a live class environment. The ability to undo and try different approaches as well as "mess up" on purpose to explain the fix is something that rarely happens ever in the best video tutorials. ”
— Neidi M., Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2014
“ Very patient, very encouraging, clear instruction and good format. ”
— Karen Klassen, Beginner DSLR / January 2014
“ Peter was able to clear up a lot of issues I was having with Lightroom and give me a preview of how to work with publishing to a website. I plan on building my own site but have no training in web design. This helped break down the wall I had built against it. Now I am anxious to move forward. ”
— Kim Turner, Lightroom Evening Classes / November 2011
“ The workshop helped me identify videography concepts that I was not aware of. ”
— Beatrice McBride, Introduction to DSLR Video / March 2015
“ I came to the class with some LR experience. Your class filled in the gaps nicely. ”
— Mark Myers, Lightroom Evening Classes / December 2011
“ The class really brought things into terms I understood. I really appreciated that. It didn’t go over my head and we kept reviewing it so I would remember. I feel like I kind of know what I’m doing now. I can work better with the different modes on my camera I was too scared of before. I did originally hesitate at the cost, but I felt I really needed this and bit the bullet. ”
— Victoria, Beginner DSLR / March 2011
“ Very informative workshop! Better than the manual! I understand so much more about my camera. Instructor is patient and speaks to everyone's level of understanding. ”
— Laura Withers, Beginner DSLR / November 2013
“ Everything was extremely well organized and thought-out and everyone got as much individual attention as they needed/wanted. Noel was very conscientious about that and very generous with his time and attention. ”
— Kate Lair, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / March 2014
“ This workshop is completely different from any other class I have ever taken because it is very active. Everyone asked questions and everyone got a chance to play with high tech gear. The teacher really loves what she is doing causing me to love this class even more. As a novice I found this workshop fast paced but that's what I love about it. I learned so much in so little time. ”
— Priyanka Shah, Introduction to DSLR Video / March 2015
“ Peter does an outstanding job of making complex aspects of photography simple to understand while keeping it totally fun! I learned more in four classes than I have in years of self teaching. Considerable information on the generalities of photography like aperture, f-stop, lighting, etc. combined with specific information on my camera type (and those of others). You did a great job of setting up each topic and then teaching the topic. Highly recommend this course! ”
— Bill Wachel, DSLR Evening Classes / August 2014
“ One of the best resources to go through in Dallas and absolutely thankful I took the time and money to take the class. Peter’s in depth knowledge and facility exceeded my expectations. I wish I had taken it earlier. ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / August 2014
“ I rate the workshop as excellent. Even given the “Act of God” extreme weather difficulties you and we had to deal with. I can only imagine how over-the-top the workshop would've been if we'd had good weather along with that full moon. Even so, it was great enough as to not let the weather dampen our spirits and excitement about learning this new photo art. ”
— Kate Lair, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / March 2014
“ Brought it to life. Much easier to understand than reading manual. First time that f-stop and shutter speed and ISO are beginning to make sense. ”
— Charmaine Cook, DSLR Evening Classes / October 2012
“ Patrizia was great, honest, knew her stuff and looking at other people's pictures was exceptionally helpful. ”
— Amanda Robinson, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ This class has been very informative and helpful. I originally only signed up for the first class because I wasn’t sure if I would get the information I was wanting but I have now signed up for all three classes. ”
— Jennifer Nickson, DSLR Evening Classes / September 2012
“ I am a hands on learner. It was great to be able to touch my camera and work the controls while being taught. The pace was great for me. Loved the handouts! ”
— Matilda, Beginner DSLR / November 2013
“ Loved it all! Particularly the use of the visuals and the analogies. The practice and critique at the end was very helpful and fun to see others’ work. I will be back for more. I like the one day intensive. Price is appropriate and I definitely feel I got my money’s worth. Your expertise is amazing and you share it in an easy to understand way. ”
— Natalie Davis, Beginner DSLR / September 2012
“ Helped learn proper way to organize—something I would not take the time to do on own via tutorials, etc. ”
— anonymous, Lightroom Evening Classes / February 2013
“ After taking the beginner’s full day workshop with Peter and absolutely loving it, I decided to take my training a step further and sign up for a one-on-one session. I am so glad that I did! Peter is not only extremely knowledgeable, but he is very patient and takes the extra time and steps to help you better understand your camera and photography concepts in general. I was able to review some of the issues that I was having and he helped me correct those issues and understand why the issues were occurring. I definitely recommend one on one training and will soon be signing up for my second session. ”
— Shelia Butler, Private Tutoring / June 2010
“ It was great to finally understand all of the buttons and dials on my camera! I've been experimenting with it for a year and so many things finally make sense! I now understand why pictures seem to be too dark or bright and how to troubleshoot/correct them. ”
— Sandra Ruiz, Beginner DSLR / June 2014
“ Very thorough class - lots of info. ”
— Roberta Amendola, Intermediate DSLR / March 2015
“ I liked the opportunity to be able to take pictures at the end of the day. All the analogies to real life were helpful. The size of the class was perfect, great for one on one if needed. ”
— Ginny Coleman, Beginner DSLR / January 2013
“ I’ve watched tutorials online and read blogs and internet help sites, but I really enjoyed the hands-on training. I was able to learn and then instantly practice on my camera which was really helpful. ”
— Rohan Mirchandani, Beginner DSLR / April 2012
“ I thought the photoshoot went well, but as we went through everyone's photos, it looked great! It was really fun to see that everyone was able to take really awesome shots and understand why! ”
— Tiffani A., Beginner DSLR / December 2013
“ I really enjoyed your class; teaching style was interesting and easy to follow. I appreciated the small class size and length of the class. I thought the walk through of the physical camera accessories would be useless, but the information was very helpful (e.g. comparison of battery options, lens hood, etc.) and the amount of time you used to review this portion of the class was good. I would recommend your class to others and would come back for more courses. ”
— Julie Kim, Beginner DSLR / February 2012
“ I learned so much! This workshop took out much of the guesswork and I loved the hands on practice. I can’t wait to use my new skills and experiment in ways I wouldn’t have ever known to. I thought the price was a great value. ”
— Sunday Grennan, Beginner DSLR / September 2009
“ I liked the hands-on and visuals. Liked your easy approach. Easy to follow. Concepts are sometimes difficult and you helped to clarify. ”
— Sharon Cumming, DSLR Evening Classes / July 2013
“ It was a very relaxed environment. I felt comfortable with the instructor, no intimidation whatsoever. I've taken another class with my "crappy family camera" and I enjoyed this much much more. ”
— Karina Salas, Beginner DSLR / August 2013
“ This was my very first training on my first DSLR. The class provided a good foundation for beginners to understand terms and camera controls. I feel like I can now go to the manual and use it as a tool instead of being overwhelmed by it. “Surprises?” Only the phenomenal variety and quality of photos taken by participants during the live shoot. Great value considering it makes several thousand dollars’ worth of equipment understandable and therefore, usable. ”
— Jami Millet, Beginner DSLR / January 2013
“ Very informative and comprehensive. Felt like I learned a lot in a short amount of time. Learning about composition, metering patterns, f-stop and shutter speed was particularly helpful. ”
— Eve Newell, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2009
“ I enjoyed the hands on aspect of the class and reviewing the photos. I wanted to get more comfortable with my camera and to be motivated to use it more, and I feel the class accomplished my goals. ”
— Catherine Kinslow, Beginner DSLR / February 2011
“ Discovering Peter and the Spot Studio has been a true gift. I bought every book, searched online, offline and everywhere in between for an actual person to work WITH me (not just show or demonstrate) regarding what I am interested in (of course, I quickly figured out that I have much to learn). Peter has created an approachable way for professionals and amateurs (like myself) to dig deeper, practice, ask questions in a group or one-on-one setting. I prefer the solo instruction in that every time we meet (and I really wish it could be each week) I have specific questions or elements I’d like to tackle. What makes Peter a cut above is his ability to determine what it is I’m wanting to accomplish and then, miraculously, break it down into bite-sized, easy to understand bits and pieces. I’d like to say I get it all, even with notes, but inevitably I have follow-ups and because he actually has a talent for teaching (Peter’s not "just” a gifted photographer), he always acts as if we’ve never discussed a certain topic and we begin again. The proof is in my photographs, of course…and they’ve vastly improved…my goal has always been to take stronger images with the camera (and not rely so much on editing)…I have a long way to go (I’m told I’ve set a high bar) and look forward to each and every meeting. One last thing worth mentioning: the group classes are exceptional b/c they’re small, affordable, topical, interesting and fun; the privates can be an excellent follow-up, or opportunity to address something totally new. Peter is so great in that you can have a list of needs and he’ll work with you in a manageable way (with assignments, if necessary) or, you can leave it to him to suggest a way to learn, practice and grow, depending on your goals. ”
— Wendy Genender (Research Analyst), Private Tutoring / August 2011
“ Efficient and to the point. Peter knows his stuff. ”
— anonymous, Lightroom Evening Classes / August 2014
“ Good overview of all aspects. I was unfamiliar with DSLRs. Great presentation techniques—loved screen and camera set up. Great illustrations/analogies I’m excited to play with the camera now that the fear is gone! ”
— anonymous, DSLR Evening Classes / February 2013
“ The suggestion about file naming conventions is very helpful. The info about how to configure the database files, images files and preview files on different drives. It is a great primer for newbies and in depth enough for someone with a little more experience. ”
— Steve Groom, Lightroom Evening Classes / December 2010
“ I liked the creative part, composition and the imagination of the instructor. I need this more so now than the technical part. I am aware of Margie’s artistic skills and find she is willing to share and inspire. Just next weekend I am doing a shoot for a friend’s kids so this was timely and I hope to use some of the techniques I learned today. ”
— Kim Turner, Natural Light Portraits / July 2011
“ I have been taking pictures for years with my DSLR but never really knew what the functions were or how they worked. This class gave me a great overview. I am looking forward to practicing with all the new techniques. ”
— Courtney Johnson, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2015
“ I love how everything “clicked”! Lots of “a-ha” moments when everything started coming together. ”
— Erica Halbrook, Beginner DSLR / March 2011
“ Peter sets the bar for photographic instruction in the Dallas metroplex. I have taken similar classes with other companies and Peter's are always more informative, instructional and interactive than the others. He is supremely knowledgeable yet very down to earth and approachable which makes his teaching more understandable for the hobbyist or the professional. ”
— Sumit Kar, Intermediate DSLR / March 2015
“ Simple, plain language made it accessible and fun. The instructor offered dialogue and discussion sometimes validating what I though or clarifying. A book could never do that. ”
— Bobbie Baird, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2015
“ I liked being able to ask questions at the shoot and get immediate feedback. I liked the discussion of how to use and play with the light and I liked looking at the photos at the end and seeing the different ideas each student had. ”
— Jill Curtis, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ Very helpful and it felt like one-to-one even though there were 13 of us! Have never shot studio before and I actually feel like I can become good at it! ”
— Leta Garrett, Beginner DSLR / February 2012
“ My fellow designer and I needed training that fit our disparate experience that typical courses would not cover. Peter’s hands-on style gave us insight that was beyond the settings, enabling us to better utilize our equipment and existing environment. His willingness to split our sessions between his studio and ours, an hour drive north, went beyond our expectation. I think the personal sessions were fantastic for our needs and have helped me to better analyze our lighting and changed my way of approaching a shoot. ”
— James Ratterree (Creative Director, Fujitsu Network Communications), Private Tutoring / May 2010
“ I love the fact that you made it easy to understand but didn’t “dumb it down” to Photography for Dummies status. I feel like this is the first step to a new world for me. Yes [this info will help]. I have a 10-month old that I’m wanting to take gorgeous photos of that I will treasure forever. ”
— Kristina Moore, DSLR Evening Classes / August 2014
“ Difficult subjects described/explained in simple forms. Good use of analogy. Have not taken other classes but have done online reading and some videos. Sometimes the written materials I’ve read presume too much prior knowledge and so it can be confusing. This class was the perfect level of detail and explanation for beginners. ”
— Paul Downey, Beginner DSLR / June 2013
“ I am probably one of Peter?s least ambitious students. I love photography, but I have not had much time to pursue it in the past 20 years. Recently, I decided to update my skills a little, and after an extensive internet search I found the Spot Studio in Dallas. I have attended several workshops, and I also have had one-on-one tutoring lessons with Peter. Ever activity has been terrific. I have learned a tremendous amount of useful information about camera equipment, composition and manipulation of photographs, and organization of my files. Peter is the real deal in that he brings artistic insight as well as technological acumen. I highly recommend his tutorials. ”
— Olaf Stuve, Private Tutoring / March 2014
“ I can tell you the class was not just informative it was fun! ”
— Sandy Dunham, Intermediate DSLR / March 2015
“ The workshop was outstanding. I liked how props were used to illustrate key concepts. It was surprising how challenging concepts were made so simple and easy to comprehend. ”
— Greg Piamonte, Beginner DSLR / June 2012
“ I liked that the class was very hands on. We got to see a variety of different shooting scenarios and were able to practice taking shots in different ways. Peter’s knowledge is extensive and his teaching is easy to follow. It is a good value. ”
— Sejal Zaveri, Intermediate DSLR / February 2011
“ I like the demos of the exposure changes and the chance to practice hands on. Live in person in a small group is better for me than video lessons or books because of the more interactive nature. Peter is a very good teacher, professional and engaging. He oviously knows his stuff and is patient with beginners. ”
— Gary Armstrong, Beginner DSLR / December 2013
“ Thanks for all of your help. The fact that you are a friendly and patient person means a lot! Its hard to learn new things under someone who “knows it all”! ”
— Jana Warren, Intermediate DSLR / January 2010
“ I dont typically do well in group settings like this, being a bit slow to catch on I need more one on one. This was an exception! Everything was very well presented, easy to understand, well illustrated and thorough. Noel was entertaining and great about answering questions as well as being very approachable. The staff and/or assistants were also very friendly, helpful and professional. I enjoyed it more and came away with more than any workshop that I have even been to. ”
— Cindy Quillen, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / August 2014
“ Peter presented basic functions in a clear and concise manner along with examples of each. I now feel comfortable taking my camera out of auto mode and exploring how I can take breathtaking pictures of my own. ”
— Krista D., DSLR Evening Classes / January 2014
“ As a seller at the last Swap Meet I exceeded my selling expectations and walked away with a nice stash of cash! ”
— Steve Foxall, Photo Swap Meet: Buy, Sell, Trade, Gawk / April 2015
“ I have taken several individual tutoring sessions with Peter. I cannot recommend enough the opportunity to learn from him one-on-one. I look forward to the sessions and enjoy the time together immensely. I have developed a much deeper understanding on how to better compose candid and posed portraits of my toddler boys. The sessions were invaluable and boosted my confidence tremendously when I am behind the lens. I never thought I would possibly understand how and when to use all the numerous settings on my camera. Peter’s natural and very humble style and his extensive use of simple analogies for complex concepts crystallized the science behind the art of photography for me. With just a small investment in time and money, I no longer consider myself a novice photographer. I look forward to the opportunity to learn from Peter through individual sessions in the future. ”
— Allison B. (Deputy General Counsel), Private Tutoring / August 2012
“ Honestly, this workshop was fantastic. I learned so much and can't wait to use everything you taught me. ”
— Emma Dargan, Beginner DSLR / September 2014
“ Everything was explained in detail without being boring, which made it interesting. Peter knew what mistakes people typically made and told us how not to make them. ”
— Lauren Cowling, Beginner DSLR / June 2009
“ Peter has been instrumental in guiding me as I set up my growing photography business. His knowledge spans every possible area of the industry, from shooting to workflow to editing, just to name a few. His generous and patient teaching style makes it all very accessible and easy to understand. I have learned many practical skills in our hands on tutoring sessions for Lightroom and Photoshop, and as a result, my business runs more smoothly. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to be on the fast track to learning anything about the photography industry! ”
— Margie Woods Brown (Owner, MWB Photography), Private Tutoring / July 2010
“ Great classes for the new photographer. The ability to ask questions was a good benefit. I dislike the fact that there are only three classes—six would be better! ”
— anonymous, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2012
“ My primary business is shooting working and sport dog trials (herding, agility, tracking, field etc) and photographing ranch and other animals. I was getting requests for portraits at trials and needed a portable lighting system to expand my business. Since all my live photography cannot use flash, this was a new skill set for me and I needed help. I hired Peter to give me suggestions based on my work model and he helped me with learning the Nikon flash system and getting my location lighting gear set up. Since I and one of my shooters were already skilled, Peter set up private sessions to walk us through everything. The class was run with our skill level in mind and it was more like a collaboration! The portraits doubled my business the first weekend I took the stuff out. ”
— Pat Corl – Field and Ranch Photography, Private Tutoring / July 2011
“ I liked the location shooting and various models, especially the children. ”
— Tracy Allard, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ Small classroom size. Friendly atmosphere. Hands on practical execution of techniques helped. The model was cooperative. I learned about light usage, panoramas, exposure compensation a lot of tools on the camera that help taking great pictures in difficult light conditions. ”
— Amith Vallabhaneni, Intermediate DSLR / February 2011
“ I liked everything! I actually understand f-stop and shutter speed. ”
— Holly Pennington, DSLR Evening Classes / October 2013
“ I liked your ability to “read” the class. You could sense when we needed extra explanation, etc. I also loved that we got the chance to shoot and it was hands on. Good explanations.  I am honestly not as scared of manual mode anymore! ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / August 2014
“ ”
— Carly Holland, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2015
“ The DSLR series exceeded my expectation by far. The material was well organized and presented in a succinct manner which made the flow very nice. From someone who learned photography on film - these classes enabled me to tap into all the features of my digital camera that I wasn't using. The instructional live-demo made a world of difference and can't be duplicated by any book or online course. The information was more than one could have gotten from a camera manual or book. The content was more of a "Cliff's Notes" version and really focused on pertinent info rather than extraneous info. The true learning that occurred was from an engaged speaker who is passionate about photography and imparted expert level experiential knowledge and tips and tricks. The analogies allowed me to grasp more complex topics without having to think to hard about it. ”
— Kasey Pool, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2015
“ I didn’t know anything about my camera before this class. I would just point and shoot on the auto setting. I cant wait to go home and annoy my 6 month old daughter with my new skills! The examples and easy to follow explanations made this class truly enjoyable. I love knowing how to blur out the backgrounds now. That’s always been something I loved but did not know how to do. ”
— Amanda Brown, Beginner DSLR / August 2010
“ The explanation, demos and time to practice plus the pacing was great. It was a lot of information but presented at a good speed to process. ”
— Esther Castro, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2014
“ I usually find the technical aspects of photography very boring but I found the manner in which the information was presented was interesting. I feel the technical knowledge opens up creative options for my pictures. ”
— Leah Croker, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2015
“ It was great. Peter is an excellent teacher. Knowledgeable and clearly passionate about photography. He did a good job dealing with varying degrees of knowledge and different cameras. ”
— Janet, Beginner DSLR / September 2012
“ All of the information was very helpful. I like the fact that you teach about basic stuff. You never over push your personal opinion which is good cause it depends on how people like taking pictures. ”
— Shara Hernandez, Beginner DSLR / September 2014
“ I am no longer afraid to shoot in AV, TV, P or M modes. I also have some ideas about what to do if a photo doesn't turn out like I wanted it to. ”
— Amy Parker, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2015
“ What helped the most was having the experience of chasing a little one around, finding out that I’m not the only person who gets out of focus shots, but seeing that it is possible to get good ones. ”
— Anonymous, Natural Light Portraits / June 2013
“ Love that we had time to discuss what we are going to do before we actually did it. She gave us the settings she used and showed us pictures using those settings. Lots of great ideas of poses & camera settings. Learned more about Lightroom, also. Great job and lots of support. ”
— Leesa Toliver, Natural Light Portraits / July 2011
“ Very focused with a clear direction. The analogies were very helpful in understanding the concepts. Very clear knowledge of all the different cameras was a plus. ”
— Tifany Collins, Beginner DSLR / May 2015
“ Peter is a terrific teacher. Thorough, smart, funny, and patient. He made it seem possible. Everything was astounding! I’m such a novice, what I don’t know is a lot. I now look forward to the future. ”
— Susana Cox, Beginner DSLR / September 2012
“ Lovely class. Extremely well presented and Peter absolutely was current and informed. ”
— Steve McWilliams, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2014
“ Loved it. Learned a ton and look forward to more. The hands-on demo and chalk board discussion were great. ”
— Craig McNeil, DSLR Evening Classes / November 2009
“ I thought an all day class might be difficult to attend to, but it wasn't. ”
— Karen Murrell, Beginner DSLR / February 2014
“ Because I've learned so much, I am so much more confident with my camera. I felt as though I got my money's worth in the first two hours. ”
— Holly Lynch, Beginner DSLR / April 2015
“ I enjoyed the live environment and the ability to interact with other students and the instructor. The instructor was personable, concise and had an excellent ability to communicate in layman terms. ”
— Anonymous, DSLR Evening Classes / November 2015
“ I really liked the location of the workshop. Being in a studio and around all the equipment gets me excited and motivated. I have never taken a workshop… I really liked taking photos of the model too. ”
— Beth Curry, Intermediate DSLR / August 2014
“ I need to switch from Picasa and the class gave me enough courage to start. ”
— John Daniel, Lightroom Evening Classes / December 2010
“ Loved the smaller setting & freedom to learn via asking questions in the process of shooting, editing, and viewing other people’s work. That’s how I best learn. Both took me out of my comfort zones and showed me new ideas and ways to see think, process, and edit. ”
— Jean Klughart, Lightroom Shoot & Edit / June 2012
“ Incorporates all the different types of learning: seeing, hearing and doing. Several different examples for each concept helps! Makes sure the info sticks! ”
— anonymous, DSLR Evening Classes / August 2014
“ My interest in photography sprung from a desire to capture a trip to Paris with my mother to celebrate her 75th birthday. It was after this memorable experience that I longed to better understand my new camera, and what I could do with the photos I had snapped. What started as a project has become a hobby and Peter has been my mentor, supporter, and guide. Since my first forays, I have participated in many of his classes including all Lightroom and DSLR, as well as one on one time. He is the consummate professional, but more importantly to me I have found him to be creatively encouraging. I am much bolder now and more confident in my choices and believe he has been instrumental in this. Today, I believe photography to be a lifelong hobby and have relationships I treasure that have been built upon its foundation. As a very busy professional in the Dallas area, I find I look forward to his tutorials and advancing my understanding of photography. I am a fan. ”
— J.Pritchard, Private Tutoring / June 2011
“ I learned a lot of terminology and there is a lot to process. Thought that this was a great basic class and really have nothing to compare it to. I am looking forward to using all the tips and information. Thought this was a good value and would certainly recommend this class to friends. ”
— Rachel, Beginner DSLR / July 2012
“ Peter was great at de-mystifying the whole process. He broke things down in terms I could understand. The on-screen examples really hit home as well. The workshop exceeded my expectations! I can’t wait to try out all I have learned. ”
— Nicki Nynas, Beginner DSLR / April 2011
“ I got enough knowledge from the class to where I can read other things and better understand what I am reading. Editing on the computer—the endless possibilities. I was truly a camera dummy when entering the class—now I know the controls on my camera and its capabilities. “Surprises?” How much detail we went into teaching aperture and shutter speed—it’s exactly what I needed to use my DSLR. ”
— Maria, Beginner DSLR / January 2013
“ The workshop was great. It gave a fantastic foundation to build upon. Our teacher was excellent and was able to explain everything in a way that made the information easy to digest and implement. ”
— Jeremy Ash, Beginner DSLR / March 2015
“ The contents were very appropriate and crisp. The teaching was ideal for a mix of students. Not too technical yet sufficient enough to understand the concepts. The hands on technique was very helpful. ”
— Gayathri, Beginner DSLR / July 2010
“ Armed with a new camera that I knew absolutely nothing about and with a goal to illustrate professional storytelling with powerful photos, I set out to find someone to help me with a jump start! An amazing journey launched with the beginner?s DSLR workshop lead by Peter Poulides. I went in interested in photography and came out with a passion to be an illustrator utilizing an art form! After lots of practice on my own I was able to get some good shots, but I wanted great shots. One-on-one tutoring with Peter was just what I needed. He knows your real questions no matter what you may be asking. He can quickly look at your work, and point right to the answers needed for making the shots better. Not only does he have a deep knowledge of photography, but Peter knows how to make the complex simple enough for one to ?get it? regardless of experience. He stimulates learning in a way that is natural, deep and uniquely continuous from wherever one begins. Peter is master teacher and I highly recommend one-on-one tutoring! I can't wait to do more! ”
— Dr. Sandra Reid, Chair Graduate, School of Business, Dallas Baptist University, Private Tutoring / August 2014
“ The private sessions that I’ve had with Peter have really improved my photos dramatically. His approach seems to simplify rather complex concepts and relationships and explains them in a way that is easier to grasp. I had a much higher confidence level on my recent trip to Rome and came back with some great results. ”
— Beau Paradowski (CFO), Private Tutoring / February 2011
“ The coolest thing about this workshop is I learned how everyone takes pictures from different angles and I liked to see what lenses other people are using. ”
— Mako Barnes, Natural Light Portraits / July 2011
“ Very informative! I didn’t know much about lenses and this really helped me learn what is best for my level of photography. ”
— Christie Vellenga, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2010
“ After the first class I was worried the second was going to be harder, but it wasn’t, it made the first class even easier to understand. ”
— Alyssa Moog, DSLR Evening Classes / September 2012
“ The workshop was taught in a way so that someone who does not know a thing, like me, can understand the language and feel comfortable. Not by talking down to you, but by helping you learn. [It's a good value] because it’s a real photo shop unlike these other places in strip malls that offer photo classes. ”
— Todd Jakub, Beginner DSLR / September 2012
“ I like how the workshop is split up, learning and hearing about techniques and then getting to put it into practice by shooting that same day. I also enjoy getting to hear and see how Margie edited the photos the way she did and why. She provided a lot of great tips and solutions to real-life situations when taking pictures of kids. ”
— Betsy Burgess, Natural Light Portraits / June 2013
“ Great class. Great people. ”
— Derrick Snider, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / May 2014
“ I had way more fun today than I anticipated. Especially the opportunity to borrow the 50 mm 1.4 lens and the shots I got with it. ”
— Franklin Gentry, Intermediate DSLR / March 2015
“ Never felt overwhelmed or bored. Great use of time. ”
— Anonymous, Beginner DSLR / May 2015
“ Loved all of the analogies - really helped me to visualize in my head what is going on in my camera. ”
— Sarah Momary, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2014
“ I'm very happy this event is still going for us film guys. I enjoyed getting to talk to people with the same interests and finding back up equipment for my old film camera. ”
— Huy Hguyen, Photo Swap Meet: Buy, Sell, Trade, Gawk / April 2015
“ I took a course online, read a few books, and learned half of what I learned here. The hands-on instruction was excellent—can’t wait to enroll for the portrait workshop. ”
— Joseph Guerrero, DSLR Evening Classes / September 2013
“ Peter is a great communicator and knows his stuff. ”
— Gray Henry, Beginner DSLR / December 2013
“ I’ve taken some tutorials with Peter and they have been very helpful. He is very clear, very patient and he takes the time to go over all the basics. Once I had to take a shooting of a very big group and I needed to rent his studio to take it. He was there with me all the time teaching me how to do everything. I really recommend Peter’s classes to any amateurs or professionals! ”
— Cecilia Arreola (kids and family photographer), Private Tutoring / July 2011
“ I really liked the hands-on approach to the class and the interaction with the instructor(s). I learned to focus on the eyes, be aware of surroundings (ie: shade, architecture, etc.) and how to compose the shot. ”
— Mike Paluga, Natural Light Portraits / July 2011
“ I recently sold my insurance agency in Plano after 29 years. For two years leading up to my sale I worked hard to improve my 35 plus year photography hobby. Then I met Peter. The past five months one-on-one with Peter have been tremendous for my confidence level. He is a very skilled and articulate professional. Peter has a way of making a very difficult art to master “simple” to understand! I look forward to every session with him and am aspiring to become a professional myself. ”
— James Davis (retired insurance agency owner & aspiring professional photographer), Private Tutoring / June 2011
“ Great job and thanks! ”
— Anonymous, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2015
“ Feeling very inspired after my first private lesson with Peter. He took the time to go over all the basics with me, in detail, which gave me a better understanding of my camera and how it works. He also tailored the lesson around my personal interests and goals. He reviewed some of my photos and recommended different lenses and approaches. I can’t wait to put what I learned in motion. Really looking forward to my next lesson!! ”
— Amber Martin, Private Tutoring / February 2010
“ Very informative. Everything explained in easy-to-understand terms. Choice of using laptop in class or not, laptop was definitely not needed. ”
— Ron Dillon, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2012
“ I shoot like I play pool-I make an attempt and hope something goes in. You have shown me how some of my “lucky” shots really came to be and how I can reproduce the result. The explanations of movement and depth of field are invaluable. I never understood the settings before. ”
— Peter Stawicki, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2011
“ Good mix of shooting, technique, theory and post processing. Great value for what we received. ”
— Robert Sherman, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / May 2014
“ Having lecture then immediately having an example was very helpful. Enjoyed that the teacher allowed specific questions throughout the class. It was not rushed. ”
— anonymous, DSLR Evening Classes / August 2014
“ [Liked] learning use of backlight and background for different effects, angles and point of view. Nice to have the personal experience and points from the instructor with situations she has been in. ”
— James Korges, Natural Light Portraits / April 2013
“ I liked the interaction with someone who knows and can answer back to me. You can't get that online. ”
— Miguel Cintron, Beginner DSLR / June 2014
“ I can't say enough about the one-on-one sessions I have had with Peter. He has helped me so much with the use and application of the Lightroom program in addition to getting a better understanding of what he sees in various photos and how to improve them with the program as well as in taking them. I highly recommend Peter to anyone who is interested in improving as a photographer, whether for fun of as part of a profession. I have finally learned what I lacked in knowledge about my camera as well as how to manage the photos in Lightroom. Thank you so much, Peter. ”
— Samuel Lee, Private Tutoring / December 2013
“ As an educator I love how Peter explained concepts. He provided multiple ways to understand them and showed us how to correctly apply them. Class was great! ”
— Crystal Ramon, Beginner DSLR / March 2015
“ Loved the lighting demonstrations! I’m a visual learner. This class makes everything so much clearer. ”
— Nancy Green, DSLR Evening Classes / November 2009
“ Very well explained with good visual comparisons. Loved doing the entire day to immerse myself better. Loved that you always see the cup filled—always positive comments and advice made from a negative shot. ”
— Maureen Israelson, Beginner DSLR / April 2013
“ I was able to play and learn without feeling pressure of missing moments. Easy going atmosphere. Thank you Peter for your helpful attitude and non-judgemental approach. ”
— Erin Baber, Beginner DSLR / January 2014
“ It was very helpful. I have never taken another photo class but I’m now motivated to go home and practice. Then I will take another class. Loved loved loved the photo shoot! So much fun. Slideshow was great! ”
— Tammy Gonzalez, Beginner DSLR / July 2012
“ I enjoyed the personality, teaching ability and knowledge of the teacher and his willingness to answer questions and demonstrate techniques. I can’t wait to get out there and practice. ”
— Christi Mize, Intermediate DSLR / June 2009
“ Since I know other Adobe programs and function names getting a quick overview of all the Lightroom features was helpful and enough to get me feeling competent about the program. Sorting, categorizing, flagging, stars, etc. Sorting and organizing with a PC and Photoshop was very difficult before. I will likely make books now too. ”
— April Wade, Lightroom Evening Classes / May 2015
“ Seeing the effects of different lighting, being able to shoot a live model, knowing that adjustments to the exposure stay put, understanding that photography is something where you have to be fully engaged and paying attention to all the settings and details. ”
— Dawn Rummel, Intermediate DSLR / February 2011
“ I liked how it was a full day, so that many things could be covered. It was also great to learn the basics—what f-stop, shutter speed, etc. are and how they affect one another. It gives me a foundation to start with. Shooting live models was very helpful. The length and pace were good. The only thing missing was more time! I also enjoyed looking at the pictures you had taken, along with your explanations of how you took them. This helped me to tangibly see the effect of shutter, f-stop, ISO and available light. ”
— Michelle Chang, Beginner DSLR / June 2013
“ Really enjoyed the easy pace and the flow of the class. Everything was clear and explained in an easy way to understand. Looking forward to the next class to retouching images. Excellent class. Totally recommend it. ”
— Catalina Sanchez Lamas, Lightroom Evening Classes / October 2010
“ I took some courses in school and the explanations in these DCP classes were easier to understand than in college. ”
— Brittany Stroud, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2015
“ Best explanation I've heard yet about the elements of exposure. Multuple examples were extrememly helpful. Enjoyed having a chance to try out the techniques on models. ”
— Barry Greenberg, Beginner DSLR / December 2013
“ Peter is a brilliant teacher who has helped my photography immensely. I recommend him for any serious amateur or professional. ”
— Baer Ackerman, MD (Pediatric/Adolescent Psychiatrist), Private Tutoring / June 2011
“ The class really helped me to understand the different controls and features on my camera. I highly recommend it to others just starting out with a DSLR. ”
— Shellina Clarke, Beginner DSLR / May 2015
“ I feel that I learned a lot. The instructor was easy to follow and kept the whole class engaged. ”
— Karen Murrell, Beginner DSLR / February 2014
“ I very much enjoyed getting to explore my own creativity with the photo shoot time as well as learning from what other people did to create shots. ”
— Cassie Raffaelli, Beginner DSLR / March 2015
“ I liked the examples as we went along and covered the subjects. Nice environment to have the class in; it felt almost as being transported to another place. The class content was very good and comprehensive. “Any surprises today?” Yes, how much you can do with mistakes. The course is fantastic, I will gladly take the next levels. Congratulations, you are talented as a teacher. ”
— Andres Franzese, Beginner DSLR / April 2013
“ Finally understand what the different modes mean on my camera! I loved doing the exercises in class as I’m more of a visual learner. ”
— Kira Hartgrove, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2011
“ My wife and I recently did a joint tutoring session with Peter to learn more about our new camera and some of the basic (and more advanced) concepts of photography. We had read several books and visited with numerous people before, but those efforts seemed to be a waste of time compared to the time we spent with Peter. He was able to greatly simplify some very technical concepts in ways that we could understand and retain for practical applications. He made those introductory concepts so simple that we were also able to get into some of the more advanced aspects of photography that I never imagined we would discuss during our first session. He was also great at catering to our individual needs and photographic interests as opposed to just explaining photography in general. We both left with a great deal of confidence in our new found skill and had the added motivation of putting into practice all of the great things we had just learned. I would highly recommend the one-on-one tutoring for anyone looking to learn more about photography. ”
— Eric and Halie O. (Real Estate Development & RN), Private Tutoring / June 2011
“ I liked that the content wasn't completely overwhelming. No, I won't remember it all tomorrow but now I have a foundation to build on - something I didn't quite grasp via online videos. ”
— Sonia Doneghue, Beginner DSLR / August 2013
“ Import workflow was especially helpful. File organization, folders and collections made clearer. ”
— Tome Hovey, Lightroom Evening Classes / May 2010
“ The handout  seems to be very detailed which I like. There is so much material to take in so it is good to know I have it all in a packet. ”
— Ryen Maddox, Lightroom Evening Classes / October 2010
“ You explained everything so clearly. It was not intimidating in anyway. I learned a lot and even got some pics that I'm quite proud of today. ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / November 2013
“ I took private lessons with Peter prior to taking my dream safari vacation in Africa. I wasn't sure I really wanted to learn all the technical aspects of my camera, but Peter always found a way to break down key concepts in ways that I could understand and apply. He helped me with learning to use new settings, worked on my technique, and made sure I took the right equipment with me. The results were amazing! I couldn't wait to come home and share some of the crazy shots I captured thanks to Peter's tutelage. I've now signed up for the Lightroom courses and look forward to taking my vacation hobby to the next level. ”
— Heather Johnson, Account Manager for Alcon, Private Tutoring / July 2014
“ I liked walking around and looking for things I wouldn’t normally see as photograph-worthy. Spending a significant time on LR will definitely help my post processing. It’s very helpful. Each time I leave the class I think I’m Ansel Adams. ”
— Michael Wade, Lightroom Shoot & Edit / June 2012
“ Covered everything you need from start to finish. Good balance on time spent on various subjects. The instructor was excellent - knowledgeable, friendly and helpful with a lot of information. ”
— Anonymous, Introduction to DSLR Video / March 2015
“ Loved the outdoor shoot. Liked how Peter explained concepts, easy to understand e.g. meter is like a microphone and ISO is like an amplifier. ”
— Ryan Marshall, Intermediate DSLR / February 2012
“ My takeaways would be to 1) take test shots and 2) framing - take everything around the subject into consideration. ”
— Anonymous, Natural Light Portraits / March 2015
“ Very thorough without being overwhelming for a complete beginner like myself. I loved the different analogies and other techniques used to explain the inner workings of cameras. ”
— Mike Southall, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2015
“ A LOT of info-really helpful and a good approach to introducing this complicated software. So far I have no Lightroom workflow, so this and the next 2 classes are going to be revolutionary for me! I’m excited to start looking at formerly “bad” pictures and instead of trashing them, start thinking about the editing possibilities! I tend to have a mental freak out when things get very technical (like XMP and ACR cache) but its good to have an overview of it anyway. ”
— Lisa Rawls, Lightroom Evening Classes / February 2011
“ I really enjoyed the live interaction and practical application. I feel it will have a direct and positive impact on my photography. ”
— Gordon Smith, Natural Light Portraits / April 2013
“ All explained in understandable fashion. Interesting topics and lots of helpful hints. ”
— Janet Bustin, Lightroom Evening Classes / February 2013
“ A big help with workflow, especially using asset management techniques other than folders - keywords, collections, etc. ”
— Phil Longacre, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2014
“ I liked this workshop because it gave a great overview of getting to know your camera. I liked the class size because it was personal and was open format, so you could ask questions at any time. I liked shooting in the different lights. Really gave insight to the endless number of types of photos you can take just by changing one setting. Great price for such an informational and hands-on class. ”
— Ashley, Beginner DSLR / June 2013
“ Hands on! I liked that we had models to photograph rather than still objects. Peter is also very patient and welcomes all questions. ”
— Anonymous, Beginner DSLR / September 2014
“ Awesome! I have been doing this with a DSLR for over 3 years and learned so much in 8 hours! ”
— Audra Jarrett, Intermediate DSLR / January 2011
“ You described the technical side in a way I could understand. My attention span is quite short but I was able to stay right with you most of the time. ”
— Cate Transom, Beginner DSLR / March 2015
“ Very helpful and inspiring. I know tons more now than I did when I walked in the door. Didn’t feel stupid when asking stupid questions! ”
— Beth Thompson, Beginner DSLR / June 2011
“ I enjoyed the class very much. Great structure to the day and a very positive learning environment. ”
— Lisa Siegel, Natural Light Portraits / June 2015
“ Peter is a very knowledgeable photographer, but he is equally gifted at teaching. I have had several tutoring sessions with Peter, covering subjects from camera settings for gymnastics, editing in Lightroom, and studio lighting. While he always thoroughly addresses my main subject, he also gives me helpful advice that I wouldn?t think to ask about.

Perhaps the best part of these one-on-one sessions is the encouragement he gives me. I always leave the studio feeling much more confident and motivated to further develop my photography skills. And I know that if I encounter unexpected problems, Peter will be there to help. ”
— Lisa Estep, Acrobatic Gymnastics photographer, WOGA and the Texas Acrobatic Gymnastics Association, Private Tutoring / October 2014
“ Learning the camera concepts, exposure and different metering patterns really helped us better understand how to use the camera. ”
— Nicole Webb, DSLR Evening Classes / February 2010
“ I loved that this class started with the basics—understanding essential photography concepts, camera settings, and technical functionality—and also wasn’t afraid to teach creative control. Teaching in various learning styles was very helpful, and the various visuals, metaphors, and examples gave us great, valuable takeaways. This class is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you! I think it was pretty much what I expected. Truly a great experience that exceeded my expectations! ”
— Amy Halliburton, Beginner DSLR / August 2011
“ My first travel photography class. Very interesting. I’ve traveled a lot, but from now on I’ll have a different attitude and better eye for details! ”
— Leticia Campos, Travel Photography / April 2012
“ Small class size, personal attention, easy laid back environment, not intimidating, and I was comfortable asking questions. Love the group edit. Also loved discussing specific shots as we went along. ”
— Kim Johnston, Lightroom Shoot & Edit / June 2012
“ We have missed the camera shows dearly. They were, at the least, a place for the likeminded to gather and at the best, a place to find something you really needed. We picked up several items that were not just a curiosity, but something we really use. We'll be back and would even rearrange our schedule to attend if possible. We appreciate what your company is willing to do to help keep these swap meets alive! ”
— JB & Susan Harlin, Photo Swap Meet: Buy, Sell, Trade, Gawk / April 2015
“ I came into this class very intimidated by my new camera. Now I'm ready to use it! ”
— Sandy Dunham, Beginner DSLR / January 2015
“ I enjoyed seeing quick time and video along with pictures to broaden the things that can be done with your camera. I now know how to pack for a trip necessary vs. not. ”
— Sherry Hasly, Travel Photography / April 2012
“ This workshop taught the most important basics very thoroughly and simply. I found that the use of analogies combined with practice greatly improved my skills. I always had problems with exposure and now I have no issues at all. I could easily ask questions and receive very helpful answers. I walked in with almost no clue on how to work a DSLR and left with a very large knowledge on the fundamentals. I was surprised that using my new camera was a lot easier than I thought—that all the numbers and buttons all have a function and that I could easily navigate it. Everything was explained in a way so that all of the different aspects of the camera fell together slowly. ”
— Gabrielle (age 13), Beginner DSLR / June 2012
“ Very helpful. Peter is very patient. I would love a follow up in a little while. Much more useful to me than the myriad of books I have purchased. Now I will be able to use the info in the books. Seems like a more than fair price. The class size is small and Peter is good at managing it. ”
— Terrie Phillips, Beginner DSLR / April 2012
“ Very informative, but not boring. Peter was very personal, used metaphors for better understanding and went at a pace that was comfortable for the entire class. ”
— Aletha Kruse, Beginner DSLR / January 2014
“ With fewer and fewer of these types of events, I was excited to see DCP host a swap meet. All types of vendors were represented and it was great fun meeting old friends. ”
— Steve McWilliams, Photo Swap Meet: Buy, Sell, Trade, Gawk / April 2015
“ In each tutoring session I have learned new skills that are catered to my own photography needs. I love the one on one setting where I can ask questions and learn at my own pace. Peter does a great job at not only teaching me skills that I want to learn, but also teaching me concepts that I didn't know I needed. I am happy with how my photography has developed, and look forward to many more sessions with Peter. ”
— Melanie Zelnick, corporate event planner/blogger, Private Tutoring / June 2014
“ I have watched several video tutorials but this was incredibly helpful! Putting it all together and having time to shoot real models was great. I had so much fun! I wasn't sure what to expect, but this was a really cool experience and I met some great people. ”
— Natalie Yates, Beginner DSLR / January 2015
“ I have tried to read and watch videos, but got so much more from the class. You did a great job of making this understandable. Everyone’s perspective is different. I was surprised at the various pictures we all took of the same subject. I was surprised I began to understand the exposure triangle. ”
— Neil Resnik, Beginner DSLR / January 2013
“ I loved everything about this workshop and would highly recommend it to anyone who has a DSLR but only uses it on auto pilot. You are totally cheating yourself and will be amazed by what you can do with manual settings. This workshop is exactly what I needed to get the training wheels off! Thank you! ”
— Tressa Thomas, Beginner DSLR / April 2011
“ The teacher really made the difference. He is very personable and knowledgeable. He made a new skill attainable. ”
— Julie Glischinskii, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2015
“ Always helpful. Love feedback from new friends. I’ve taken this course before and I learned even more today. Lots of helpful hints. ”
— Kim Turner, Lightroom Shoot & Edit / April 2012
“ My one-on-one tutoring with Peter has been so very instrumental in helping me grow as a photographer. Peter has a way of explaining things so you walk a way with a real grasp and understanding. He has helped me understand more of the technical side of my camera and accessories which has allowed me more control over my images. I highly recommend the Spot Studio to anyone wanting to take their photography to the next step. ”
— Emma Goode (Emma Goode Photography), Private Tutoring / July 2011
“ I enjoyed Peter’s personality. He’s helpful without being condescending. Also, I enjoyed the format for reviewing pictures and shooting the live model. I was pleasantly surprised by the great amount of hands-on shooting in different light sources. It’s great; could be longer, but I attribute that to my excitement. ”
— Jason Roberson, Intermediate DSLR / August 2014
“ I liked the way ISO, F-stops and shutter speeds were explained. It was so much of a foreign concept to me until I attended this workshop. I had tried to use online videos or short descriptions but they never were the same as in class discussions. ”
— Estifanos H., Beginner DSLR / February 2014
“ I feel like I have more questions now—but in a good way. I have enough information to want more. I’m ready to shoot for a bit and digest this, then come back for more. ”
— Brandi Andrade (?), Beginner DSLR / June 2013
“ I loved the class and the balance between technical and artistic considerations. ”
— Kim Schlossberg, Intermediate DSLR / September 2009
“ Awesome, awesome, awesome! Did not think I could shoot a number of the pictures I did. Loved seeing the difference editing can make! ”
— Nicole Wright, Beginner DSLR / January 2012
“ So, I reached out to Peter for some one on one coaching. Peter taught me a very simple approach to my workflow and organization. He is patient, and teaches in a manner that is easily understood. Plus, he is a very nice guy! I have since taken several other classes at his studio and plan to continue learning from him. I highly recommend him, his staff and his classes. ”
— Deanna Centurion, Private Tutoring / February 2014
“ I am very thankful this place exists! Offering in person, hands on learning at an affordable price is not common and I feel lucky to be close enough to attend. I will be back for more classes and workshops! ”
— Jill Curtis, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ I enjoyed learning all the different functions of the camera I didn’t know existed. It’s much easier to learn this way than reading the manual. Although it will be hard to remember everything, the classes were divided up well to start with the basics and advanced nicely from each class. I think it’s beneficial to take all three. ”
— Jessica Whitsitt, DSLR Evening Classes / February 2013
“ I’ve just started private lessons with Peter and I can say that I’ve already learned a lot more than I would in a classroom. Individual tutoring allows me to work on exactly the skills I need, in as much detail as I’d like. Peter is a great listener, personable, and explains everything until I get it……which sometimes takes a while. If you want to improve your skills as a photographer, I highly recommend private tutoring with Peter. ”
— Leslie Kadane, Private Tutoring / November 2015
“ I believe the cost was a very good value for the amount of information given. ”
— Mary Danz, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2015
“ It was a perfect workshop for learning to take outdoor portraits using natural lighting. The class was highly informative and it was fun! I'm much more comfortable with using my camera in all manual mode. ”
— Sandy Dunham, Natural Light Portraits / March 2015
“ Peter's approach and style were great. His résumé speaks to a much larger ego but his class is down to earth and his attitude is humble. I was not talked down to, but spoken with as Peter and students worked toward increasing photographic knowledge. ”
— Pamela Starr, Beginner DSLR / January 2015
“ This was my 1st photography class ever. I have nothing to compare it to. However, I found it very helpful in getting me beyond my comfort zone of shooting only in auto mode. I haven’t been into photography in the past, but I may have found a new hobby. $215 seems a good value given how much I paid for the equipment. ”
— Beth Mays, Beginner DSLR / March 2011
“ This really helped me understand how light will behave/bounce off of subject/objects. ”
— Stephanie Feliciano, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ I enjoyed how the class started out with the basic information and got more advanced. I felt the pace of the class was appropriate. I enjoyed being able to apply the techniques we learned to shooting the model. Length and pace were great. I enjoyed the smaller class so that when we needed help we were able to receive one-on-one attention. I felt the value of the class was worth it. I already feel much more confident in using my new Canon and that is very reassuring to me. ”
— Laurie B., Beginner DSLR / April 2012
“ I liked how small the class was, it made it very personal and I liked the feel of the room. I was surprised that I was the only young person. ”
— Hannah Bruce (hs junior), Beginner DSLR / June 2013
“ The slide presentation complemented the lecture very well. It was presented in a clear and understandable language without "talking down" to us as beginners. I'm surprised about how many fantastic shots we took at the end of the class. My photos will be so much better due to this class. ”
— Melissa Potter, Beginner DSLR / October 2013
“ I liked all the shooting time! Fun! It's better to go out and do nothing than watch online. There were plenty of people/models to shoot. ”
— D'Andre Ballard, Natural Light Portraits / March 2015
“ Instructor is very aware of the class at all times, noticing when we get it and when we don’t, and adding another example when necessary. ”
— Kate Lynch, Beginner DSLR / January 2010
“ I had so many "ah-ha" moments where things just started to make sense. Great class! ”
— Kyna Eberhardt, Beginner DSLR / March 2015
“ I love the different processes; prep class, scouting the area first, shooting and then seeing and critiquing the results. A really good class! ”
— Jeanne Stone, Natural Light Portraits / July 2011
“ I have watched intro classes on before but I gave up when I could not comprehend the difference or relationship between ISO, F-stop, shutter speed, etc. Having it explained with analogies provides the ability to relate it to concrete things for retention and greater understanding. ”
— Jayci Giaccone, Beginner DSLR / March 2015
“ The size of the class is perfect. Small enough to interact and get your specific questions answered. The whole day was a surprise since I came in literally knowing only how to turn my camera on, point and shoot. I left with a whole new concept! ”
— Dena Smith, Beginner DSLR / January 2013
“ I started doing Photography as a hobby back in the film days. It took me a long time to embrace and learn digital photography so when I finally took the plunge, I found that the editing process and the organization (or lack thereof) that goes with it, overwhelmed me. Eventually, I started losing my desire to take pictures. Once everything was downloaded, it was difficult to find what I needed and my post processing was long and tedious. So, I reached out to Peter for some one on one coaching. Peter taught me a very simple approach to my workflow and organization. He is patient, and teaches in a manner that is easily understood. Plus, he is a very nice guy! I have since taken several other classes at his studio and plan to continue learning from him. I highly recommend him, his staff and his classes. ”
— Patricia Wessant, Private Tutoring / February 2014
“ I love Peter! He told you how everything worked in several different ways! He explained things like a 3rd grade teacher would so that you could catch on. I loved how he let you practice as he told you what to do. I have read 50 books and I still didn't get it until today. I loved that the class was informal and fun! ”
— Gina Haddon, Beginner DSLR / November 2013
“ I thought the workshop was excellent. It covered a great deal of technical material in an approachable manner. I’ve taken another beginner DSLR class and this was far superior. Pleasantly surprised by how much more I learned than in my other class. I really needed the technical basics and this course achieved all my objectives. This is the perfect course for someone new to DSLR. Peter alleviated a lot of my confusion and in a short time I felt very comfortable with operation of the camera in multiple lighting situations. ”
— Alyson Brown, Beginner DSLR / December 2011
“ I liked EVERYTHING! F-stops, ISO, depth of field-YEAH! I finally now feel comfortable using AV and TV modes. ”
— John Roberts, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2010
“ Love the walk about. So many great things to shoot! Love shooting with other photographers. Great to see their shots and how Peter chose images for the slideshow. ”
— Connie Carr, Lightroom Shoot & Edit / April 2012
“ While I had/have no desire to be a professional photographer, I would like very much to make photos like one. I liked that this was sold as an amateur class as well even though I did feel a little intimidated signing up for it.

The 5 day workshop was what I needed to focus on my photography and really drill into me what I needed to do to get to the next level. The lessons I learned I will not forget. In fact, I have spent the past 3 weeks looking at daily life in a different view. I don’t think that will go away.

Admittedly, I when I signed up for the class I was concerned that I would not receive ~$1000 out of the workshop. However, by the second day into the class, I knew that it was a bargain. The instruction and experience I received was worth much more to me.

The ability to learn locally from a master photographer and equally masterful teacher was an incredible opportunity. The class has completely transformed my photography and has re-ignited a passion in me. I’m excited about building upon the lessons learned and truly believe that I’ve taken “The Next Step." ”
— Jill Blanchar, Sam Abell Next Step / March 2014
“ It was very helpful to move past automatic settings. Peter is very nice, knowledgeable, and approachable. I think we all learned a lot and left with things to practice ”
— Courtney, Beginner DSLR / October 2012
“ Loved learning a lot of the Lightroom shortcuts. This has made my workflow effective. No more sorting photos in "My Pictures." I am still feeling a little overwhelmed but I have owned Lightroom for over a year and now I have a foundation and I feel more confident that I'm not going to screw something up. ”
— Sonia Doneghue, Lightroom Evening Classes / September 2014
“ I liked everything! The class was amazing! Great format, perfect class size, excellent presentation. I learned SO much. Great length. Pace was perfect. I never felt rushed, the workshop flew by. ”
— Sheri Williams, Beginner DSLR / September 2012
“ In LR as well as the other classes you are incredibly knowledgeable about all the ins and outs, but are very good at putting things in layman’s terms and giving analogies that help me understand. Yes it will help because you gave a great overview of the whole process from beginning to end, but I feel like I need to practice a little, then take the courses again. ”
— Michelle Meledeo, Lightroom Evening Classes / June 2013
“ I loved the variety in both the location and the number of subjects to photograph. Patrizia was very available and encouraging. ”
— Jean Klughart, Natural Light Portraits / June 2015
“ I liked the voice of experience and the photo examples. You can never find that in a book. ”
— Peter Stawicki, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2011
“ I had played around with light painting in the past, but it had never really “clicked” for me until this workshop. After having a few images turn out well, I got the bug, and will definitely continue to light paint using the skills I learned. considering the varied venues and weather conditions we had to deal with, the class was very well organized. Having come from out of state, I definitely appreciated all the emails, maps, etc. Spot studio staff (and Noel) were very helpful and friendly. ”
— Pierce Soracco, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / March 2014
“ I loved that the class was hands on. Peter spoke in very understandable terms and I walked away understanding issues I have struggled with for a long time. This class was a very smart investment! ”
— Lori Dunn, Beginner DSLR / November 2009
“ Loved it! Wish I could afford to take the same class again so it can all be even more clear to me. But I will study so I can take future advanced classes. Everything was explained so clearly and made so relatable that it was easy to make sense of it all. ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / August 2014
“ The tripod, flash and dirt check sequences were very informative and much needed information ”
— Angela Bell, DSLR Evening Classes / February 2011
“ Hands-on approach and easy to understand explanations. It makes sense now!! ”
— Erin Cox, Beginner DSLR / February 2015
“ The light painting workshop at the Statler was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am glad I had the chance to participate. It was a great value for the money. ”
— Chad Davis, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / August 2014
“ I liked the real practice with feedback and being able to see other photographer's perspectives. ”
— anonymous, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ I liked that it was all centered around natural lighting and not artificial light. It’s easier for newbies to work on composition and not worry about light boxes, spot lights, etc. ”
— Michael Wade, Natural Light Portraits / June 2013
“ I appreciated the analogies for f-stop/shutter speed, etc. It helped illuminate what are very confusing concepts! Peter was very well spoken and clearly has a passion for photography and teaching others about it. I definitely recommend him to beginners who want to learn photography concepts and walk away with a better understanding on how to use their cameras! ”
— Laura Huey, Beginner DSLR / September 2013
“ Lots of interaction - great feedback! ”
— Michael Pappas, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ Relevant for beginner. Nice mix of technical (science) and creative (art). Inclusive and accessible. ”
— anonymous, Lightroom Evening Classes / August 2014
“ Shutter speed and aperture much more clear. In another workshop took lots and lots of pictures and left knowing nothing about my camera or software. Workshop really was more all-inclusive and informative than I expected. Enough to get me much more curious about taking more. ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / February 2013
“ I loved how much information we got during the workshop. Although it was a lot of info it wasn’t crammed into a short period. Plenty of time for questions and great analogies to help understand the basics of photography. Teacher was patient and approachable. ”
— Ashley Miller, Beginner DSLR / May 2010
“ As usual, super class! Learned so much, will take me leaps and bounds forward. ”
— Riann Moore, Lightroom Evening Classes / October 2010
“ Excellent pace, good analogies, kept it simple and Peter was very patient. I am a total begginer and now feel I have a lot to practice with to build a good foundation. ”
— Dennis Stein, Beginner DSLR / December 2013
“ Great introduction to Lightroom! Starting from the ground up, the basics were explained well. ”
— Ashley Miller, Lightroom Evening Classes / May 2010
“ I was able to look at the perspective of others in the class on the slideshow and I finally understood the correlation between aperture, shutter speed and ISO and that helped me recreate the portrait style photos I have been wanting to take. ”
— Nancy Cardoza, Beginner DSLR / January 2015
“ I am excited to print and make books. That is something I haven't done because I didn't know how. ”
— Patricia Wessant, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2014
“ I have spent several hours with Peter, both taking photos and editing them on the computer. I find Peter enthusiastic, encouraging and exceptionally knowledgable. I have learned considerably more about my camera, ideas about composition and how to edit the images that I would have, left to learn on my own. I have more sessions remaining and may spend more time with him after that. I consider myself a hobbyist, and feel that my skills are improving greatly. ”
— A. Childs (Certified Financial Planner), Private Tutoring / June 2011
“ I liked that the material was presented from so many angles. Having an opportunity to take photos of models and then see what worked and what didn't was enormously helpful. ”
— Paula Larsen, Beginner DSLR / November 2014
“ I liked the pace of the class and that I could ask questions (and felt comfortable doing so). I liked learning the technical stuff! ”
— Jo Mattison, Beginner DSLR / August 2013
“ Good explanations of terms/language. More in-depth than other classes I have taken. Covers a good range of topics and was able to have a great shoot to practice what we learned. Good coaching. I wasn’t expecting such an in-depth shoot with all the different types of lighting. It was really great. I just need to come to the next class to keep learning, but it was the right amount of information for one day. Any longer would be too much for one session. ”
— Melissa Ellis, Beginner DSLR / April 2012
“ I like the way the information is presented and all of the ‘unofficial’ tips, like what programs or products to use that I wouldn’t have known about. I’m looking forward to the editing tools, making books, and websites. ”
— Catherine Donaldson, Lightroom Evening Classes / February 2013
“ I really liked learning about the technical aspect of what makes a good photo (the elements of how your camera actually works). It helped me use my left brain for a creative discipline, which makes more sense to me intuitively. ”
— Rebecca Sholiton, Beginner DSLR / August 2010
“ It was interactive, hands-on and small class size. Money well spent. ”
— Jenna Shoemaker, Beginner DSLR / April 2015
“ I have had my camera for over a year and did not know how to use 90% of the functions. This class was a fantastic introduction to the use of my camera. I am left amazed with what I have learned today. Amazed and excited! There was nothing about the class that I disliked! ”
— Janice Caldwell, Beginner DSLR / December 2011
“ I am using some of the skills and just the overall ‘boost’ to creative thinking about things is good. I still have some ‘post-class’ glow going. I definitely want to take the class again if you go to different locations….my painting technique is still lacking but I am at least thinking about things differently. ”
— Catherine Halvorson, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / March 2014
“ Lots of great info to a newbie. I've been intimidated by "f-stop," "aperture" and other terminology in the past. Peter demystified those concepts for me and sparked an interest to learn more. ”
— Pam Westerheide, Beginner DSLR / May 2015
“ The physical demos with immediate picture results were perfect. I am a visual learner, so explaining F-STOP, ISO, and shutter speed with images was VERY helpful. ”
— Karen Prigmore, DSLR Evening Classes / July 2012
“ Very "newbie" friendly, well organized and motivational to start using the software and take more photos. ”
— Greg Williams, Lightroom Evening Classes / July 2014
“ Good pace, well organized. Gave good outside tools and resources too. ”
— Mili Suleman, Lightroom Evening Classes / August 2014
“ This workshop introduced me to a new technique that will have lasting effects on my work. I will continue to explore this process. It also forced me to get to know my equipment in a different way and shoot outside of my comfort zone. The execution on location was great. I felt there was incredible amount of freedom while maintaining a strict safety protocol. ”
— Michelle Elwazir, Light Painting at Night with Noel Kerns / August 2014
“ Very interactive and informative. Nothing was intimidating. I was very comfortable asking questions. I learned a ton and am excited to go home and continue learning. ”
— Elizabeth D., Beginner DSLR / February 2014
“ I like everything starting from the beginning to the end. The class is extremely fun even though I’ve never had any knowledge of photography at all! I believe I have learned more today than several years of online research and book hunting!! ”
— Geri Buchanan, Beginner DSLR / February 2011
“ I attended Peter's LR101 course and was so happy to get some guidance on how to use this software. His teaching style is causal, informative and his passion for helping others understand the art of photography is apparent. I requested time with Peter for some one-on-one tutoring to help me organize my impressively complicated and messed up LR issues. He was patient and diligent and ultimately got most of the problems sorted out. I would highly recommend Peter and his team. ”
— Di Colavita, management consultant, Private Tutoring / January 2014
“ I really enjoyed Peter’s teaching style. I enjoyed getting to look at the photos we took in class and learning from them. I also liked that the class was tailored to what we really wanted. ”
— Laurie Poetschke, Intermediate DSLR / December 2009
“ Peter explains concepts in a clear, easy to understand way. Demonstration and practical is a great teaching method. ”
— Michael Pappas, Intermediate DSLR / March 2015
“ I love how you teach that you won't always get the shot you think you want but you may end up with something better and to keep practicing. You make photography seem accessible and that anyone can do it and even professionals have to practice. ”
— Alessa Mize, DSLR Evening Classes / May 2015
“ I like that it was small enough that we were able to ask questions about our specific cameras. Hands on always works better for me. ”
— Kathy Radenbaugh, Beginner DSLR / June 2014
“ Having the software explained gave many shortcuts and saved a lot of time. I've been using lightroom for six or so months and learned quite a few workflow shortcuts. ”
— Lacey Cloud, Lightroom Evening Classes / October 2014
“ I really liked the setting, very relaxed in a studio. It really helps a lot to get you in the right mind set for instruction. ”
— Ramel Nasseri, DSLR Evening Classes / October 2009
“ This workshop was “real life” training to me. Other courses I have taken had one scene that we used over and over while changing the camera settings. I was very pleasantly surprised with the Spot Studio—too cool! ”
— Celeste Ellis, Beginner DSLR / August 2011
“ I like that Sam's class was all about seeing and making better photos, not camera and processing techniques. Rather than trying to cover the whole waterfront, Sam had a few basic principles he was trying to communicate. These were emphasized over and over as we looked at and discussed both Sam's and our images. When I consolidated my many pages of notes, they condensed into half a page of key takeaways. As a result, I left the class with a very good understanding of these principles and how to apply them. ”
— Frank Richards, Sam Abell Next Step / March 2014
“ I loved the class. It was very fun and light - technical enough, but not too technical. ”
— Allison B., DSLR Evening Classes / November 2010
“ I like that the class was interactive and very visual. Peter’s natural style and use of examples and analogies makes difficult material easy to understand. A great value for the amount of information shared. ”
— Allison, Lightroom Evening Classes / August 2014
“ I like the personal delivery of the content. Learning the basics removes my hesitation to just pick up my new camera and go at it. I am more comfortable with what I learned in person than I would be by just reading about it online. ”
— John Hopper, Beginner DSLR / February 2011
“ I am new to Lightroom and it is overwhelming. This helped me to get a better understanding of the program. ”
— anonymous, Lightroom Evening Classes / August 2014
“ I’ve only done on-line, books until now possibly out of fear…? But I realize how much more I can get now from a LIVE workshop. The feedback is more personal-I like the hands-on situations. I wish it could have gone on and on….I guess I will have to come back for another. ”
— Erika, Beginner DSLR / July 2013
“ I was totally lost when I opened the manual and knew I would never be able to figure it out on my own. I now know what an F-stop is. ”
— Linda Davis, Beginner DSLR / August 2013
“ Provided great context on f-stop and shutter speed that helped me understand their effects on photos. I’ve had other instructions that covered the same material but walked away with little understanding on how to apply the teachings. This was great with clear instructions. ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / January 2013
“ This was my first photography class. I liked the structure of the class and the way the material was presented. I really liked Peter’s easy going disposition and style. ”
— Chris Zupa, Beginner DSLR / January 2013
“ I had reached a certain amount of success on my own as an amateur photographer but new I needed to up my game if I hoped to progress to the next level. Peter?s one on one tutoring was exactly what I needed. Rather than a broad overview of photography, Peter and I worked on specific areas that helped me better understand the technical side. With this new knowledge and much practice, I have improved my work considerably and have had the good fortune of having several images published. ”
— Linda Kennedy, Small Wonders Gal Photography, Private Tutoring / October 2013
“ The presentation was very interesting. The information was clearly explained and there is a lot that I didn’t know until coming to this class. The class is a good length and it went by very fast! ”
— Nancy Green, DSLR Evening Classes / November 2009
“ Margie was informative, yet relaxed and encouraged us to take risks. This was the first class I have felt comfortable shooting completely in Manual mode. I especially liked the way she used the first 30 minutes with the models showing us what she would do and how she would approach the shot. The number of models was great - there were enough that you didn't feel like you were stepping on other photographers to get your shot. ”
— Anonymous, Natural Light Portraits / March 2015
“ Love this course! Took Beginner Workshop last month and I have retained all the info! Techie stuff for a non-techie girl. ”
— Erin Cox, Intermediate DSLR / March 2015
“ I picked up photography as a hobby several years ago but never really understood the functions of my DSLR camera. After taking Peter's evening classes I had learned more than I had in years past. He made learning very easy and enjoyable. After the course was completed I wanted to further my skills so I signed up for one-on-one Tutoring. He was very helpful in giving me tips and advice based on my specific interests in shooting and by reviewing pictures I had taken. His expertise definitely helped me compose and take very high quality shots that I had not been able to achieve. I look forward to taking more classes with him and I always recommend him to friends picking up photography. ”
— Edith Aslam, restaurant owner, Private Tutoring / March 2014
“ I liked the access to multiple teachers and Margie’s style in the classroom and while shooting. It was good to see how 11 other people shoot and to learn from and be inspired by that. Good value. Access to high quality instructor(s) for a very affordable price. ”
— Courtney Joyner, Natural Light Portraits / July 2011
“ After attending the DSLR workshop, I booked a private tutoring session with Peter in order to sort through my equipment and decide what was worth keeping and what would be best passed on or sold. We spent an hour going through each piece, discussing the pros, cons, applications and potential value. Using Peter's advice, I was able to put together a starter kit for my daughter to use with the pieces that were near duplicates in my collection. Peter also took the time to talk about how I might use each lens and gave me a starting point for experimenting with new combinations. I left the session with a better understanding of how to use my equipment to its full potential. ”
— Lacey Cloud, Equestrian, Private Tutoring / January 2014
“ Peter takes time to explain and answer all questions. Does not make you feel like you’re a novice. Provided tips and hidden features of camera. Gave me information on how to use camera to the fullest extent. I have been a film photographer for years. The class gives me confidence to switch. ”
— Deborah Dobson Brown, DSLR Evening Classes / February 2013
“ I had the pleasure of buying a tutoring package with Peter. I gained so much more than I could have anticipated going into it. He helped me grasp the basics by using helpful analogies and breaking the information up into bite size pieces. My photography has improved significantly since our lessons and now I can?t put my camera down. I can?t wait to extend my education further. ”
— Stephanie Johnson, Private Tutoring / October 2013
“ Presentation is outstanding. Builds your knowledge in a logical, step-by-step process. ”
— Billy Koone, Beginner DSLR / August 2011
“ Very informal and informative. Material was presented in an easy manner to understand. For the amount of hands on practice, demonstration and information I thought the price was just right. ”
— Doug Steele, Beginner DSLR / May 2015
“ Presentation was easy to understand, pictures taken during class were great examples. I understand my camera much better. Time to go shoot! ”
— Patricia Walker, DSLR Evening Classes / December 2009
“ I found the interactive part to be exactly why I wanted to come - it was working examples of real solutions. Shooting people is a real challenge for me - I got a lot from what the instructor said and did. It helped me get over my reluctance. ”
— Chris Manning, Natural Light Portraits / May 2015
“ I knew almost nothing about our camera before this class so I liked the details and instructions ranging from the actual camera controls to tips on composition and shooting pictures. Very fair price for the number of hours and classes. ”
— Lea Sherstad, DSLR Evening Classes / March 2015
“ Going step by step over how the camera works and then explaining how to use it. It finally makes sense. I think I can finally take pictures indoor at night without flash. ”
— Sara Harris, DSLR Evening Classes / February 2011
“ This is exactly what I needed, the basics. I’ve attended a couple of seminars but wasn’t ready for some of the information that they presented. I enjoyed the live model shoot. It took me out of my comfort zone and now I feel more confident about shooting live subjects. ”
— Mark, Beginner DSLR / August 2014
“ I am an absolute beginner. I didn’t know what an F-stop or ISO was before coming today, and I learned enough today that I took some beautiful pictures that I am very proud of. I came so far today and learned enough to start. I look forward to attending more of Peter’s classes! ”
— Connie Rounsaville, Beginner DSLR / December 2011
“ Several [surprises]—actually learned what the buttons were on my camera and what purpose they serve. My only complaint is that I wish I would have taken the workshop sooner. ”
— Kathy Laird, Beginner DSLR / May 2012
“ Appreciated that things were just about the right amount of technical—not too much, not too little; also appreciated that you went through to make sure people with every camera type got what was going on (since I had a Sony NEX and was the only one). I’m constantly having issues getting pictures of my infant daughter on the move and in low light; have already had better luck even after just the first two classes; will be very curious to see what pictures I get from my next vacation. ”
— Jeff Fahrenholz, DSLR Evening Classes / February 2013
“ Peter helped my husband and I learn how to turn an ordinary day at the park or a trip to the zoo into a venue to capture the picture perfect moments of our lives. I recently took a photo of my son, sitting on his father’s shoulders and waving an American flag as the floats from the 4th of July parade passed by. That’s a moment that will be frozen in my memory, but thanks to Peter’s help, I was able to preserve it through photography as well. ”
— Heather Guild (Realtor), Private Tutoring / July 2011
“ Actually I was surprised at how fantastic the final photos of the model were. Everyone in class was a beginner yet all the shots in the final slide show were very impressive!! ”
— anonymous, Beginner DSLR / September 2012
“ I’m not here for entertainment or “filling my Saturday with something to do.” I am here to roll my sleeves up and learn how to operate my DSLR to capture good photographs. This course does that. Not really [any surprises] the big thing that makes this all work is the photos from the shoot. Going through them, discussing them, tweaking, picking, editing makes the whole day worthwhile. Like life, the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know much. In this class, the technical side of DSLR seemed less intimidating, but I still don’t know anything. ”
— Chris Manning, Intermediate DSLR / August 2014
“ I had attempted to teach myself but having someone explain with visual examples was exceptionally helpful. Great series! Thank you! ”
— Michelle Elwazir, Lightroom Evening Classes / September 2014
“ I prefer in person instruction. Being able to ask questions and have someone there to look at my camera was very helpful. Much more helpful than any book or videos I've read or seen. ”
— Heather Janis, DSLR Evening Classes / January 2014