Portfolio Building

Explore different photographic styles and subjects and learn how to present your strongest work.
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Apr 9
EARLY BIRD PRICE (expires 04/03)
8am-4pm at DCP - Early Registration: $275 - Late Registration: $300

This Portfolio Building workshop is for any photographer wanting to explore different photographic styles and subjects and create a strong series of images to build their portfolio.

Whether you are new to the photography business and are starting to build your client list, working on your Etsy shop or you have been shooting for a while but need help with learning how to present your work and your strongest images, this is the workshop for you. We will explore different photography styles using natural light.

The workshop is a combination of lecture and hands-on shooting. We will be shooting with models as well as product while exploring lifestyle, portrait and product photography in a studio and outdoor setting.

The instructor will guide you and demonstrate through different scenarios and talk about her own experience with clients and photography styles. The students will receive different assignments to complete though out the day. Some images will be discussed, edited and reviewed in front of the class. You will leave this workshop with a stronger understanding of your own style and the quality of the images to feature in your portfolio.

You should already be familiar with your camera and comfortable shooting in Aperture Priority and Manual exposure modes, using single point focus mode and have a basic understanding of ISO, f-stops, depth of field, shutter speed and motion blur. If you’re a beginner (or have been shooting for a while but still aren’t comfortable with these concepts) you can take our DSLR-1&2 evening classes or the Beginner DSLR Full Day Workshop first or some other equivalent training.


  • Cost per person is $275 early registration, $300 late registration.
  • Workshop price includes modeling fees and lunch.
  • Doors open at 7:45am.
  • Workshop starts promptly at 8:00am and ends at 4:00pm.
  • Advance registration and payment is required.
  • Maximum number of students is 12, minimum number to make a class is 8.
  • Parking is available on the street or in the adjacent lot at Electric Light & Power.


8.00am – 9.30am: We will start the day with introductions and lecture. The instructor will discuss her own professional work and experience with lifestyle, portrait and production photography. She will demonstrate different scenarios and give shooting assignments.
9.30am – 11.30pm: Outdoor photo shoot assignments.
11.30pm – 012:15pm: Lunch together in the studio.
12:15pm – 02:00pm: Studio photo shoot assignments.
02:00pm – 03:00pm: The instructor will download and select a few images for a live edit.
03:00pm – 04:00pm The day will end with a review and critique of your best shots.

Q: Do I need a laptop?
A: A laptop is not required for this workshop but you are welcome to bring one.

Q: What do I need for this workshop?

  • A DSLR with a full battery and empty memory card and a basic understanding of how to use your camera and its settings.
  • Any lenses or accessories you want to use.
  • A handheld reflector if you have one.

Q: Is lunch included in the workshop?
A: Yes, we will be bringing in lunch.

Q: Are there previous requirements for this workshop?
A: You should have a working knowledge of your camera settings including exposure modes, shutter speed, f-stop, white balance and ISO control. It’s recommended that you’ve already taken the DCP Beginner DSLR Workshop, DSLR 1 & 2 classes or equivalent training.

Q: How will I know if a workshop makes or not?
A: If a class doesn’t make and has to be cancelled, you will receive an email no later than 2 nights before the scheduled class date.

Q: What if I have to cancel?
A: Details on cancellations are on our Policies page.

Q: Where is the workshop held?
A: At Dallas Center for Photography, 4756 Algiers, Dallas, 75207.

Patrizia Montanari

Patrizia was born in a small town just outside of Milan, Italy. Food was central to family life and her mother was up at dawn to prepare the daily meals, always from scratch and always with fresh ingredients – a passion quickly absorbed by the young Patrizia. In 2002 she began to travel and experience the world, living and working in New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and San Francisco before making Historic Downtown McKinney her home in 2013 with her husband Mark and two children.

Patrizia has experienced and created art all of her life. In the last few years her love for portrait and figure painting evolved into a love for photography. Portraits are her passion and people are her biggest inspiration. Patrizia’s own need for learning has now morphed very naturally into her new interest in teaching and passing her knowledge on to others. She is also the founder of the McKinney Photography Club, a contributor to the McKinney Moms Blog as well as the editor of On The Square Blog.

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